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Uncomfy arm & breathless


Hi all,

I am a newbie on here and and newly diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, i have a left bundle branch block and scarring in my left ventricular. Tonight I have pain and discomfort down my left arm and maint in my shoulder and I am really breathless.

Part of me wants to go and get checkednout but the other part thinks oh its nothing. What should i do, is this normal x

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Ring 111 now! They can decide if you need paramedics and if you do arrange them. Nobody here can make that call.


I agree with MichaelJH I wouldn't be messing about on here with those symptoms. Get on to 111 asap

Michael and Sharon have given you best advice. I wish you the best.

Any chest pains or discomfort in left arm, shoulder neck or jaw especially with cardiac history. I would not use 111!!!

999 Tell them chest pains discomfort in arm they will make the call

By the way my son is a Paramedic


Ive been to the hospital and all is ok x

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