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Repatha - Evolocumab


Like many on here I suffer from Familial hypercholesterolemia. I have very high Cholesterol levels and have had a resulting Heart Attack.

I have also had a second Heart Attack caused by Vasospasm.

Over a number of years I have been treated with all the available Statins, but each time have had to stop treatment because of digestive issues, liver complications, headaches and dementia like symptoms.

18 months ago I was started on Praluent, but the treatment had to be stopped because of a severe reaction to the third and fourth injections. I was experiencing digestive issues, incredibly severe headaches, confusion and flu like symptoms.

I have now been told that I need to start taking Repatha.

Has anyone taken Repatha? If so was it successful in reducing your Cholesterol? And did you experience any side effects?

To be honest, I am worried about taking it given the issues I had with Praluent and am just trying to establish if I should start the injections or not.

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