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Insurance declarations?

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Should I declared Cholesterol and Blood pressure tablets prescribed on my travel insurance? "have you ever been prescribed medication to lower blood / cholesterol"

Reason I ask is that I have never had high blood pressure or cholesterol, but the medication taken since being diagnosed with Acute Coronary Syndrome and Stented (1) 8 yrs ago, are simply the normal 'heart attack' suite of preventative pills.

I've regularly traveled in the years since, and have always said no to above questions, but always questioned if insurance was actually needed would insurance company use this as a get out? leaving me with a HUGE potential bill.

Your feed back, comments and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

best regards

16 Replies
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skid112Heart Star

Hi Colsy,

Good question, but if the question is have you been prescribed then the answer would be yes I believe, even though as you state, they are the normal suite of tablets prescribed.

Cheers Mark

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Colsy1903 in reply to skid112

hmm, question was "have you ever been advised...."

tick "yes", policy adds both high blood pressure and cholesterol as declared conditions!!

feeling hard done by. Cholesterol hovers around 3.0, BP is ok 138/80 checked last week.

people (ticking time bombs) with way higher health issues walking around today! not paying price we do... harrumph.

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Colsy1903 in reply to Colsy1903

good news, premiums haven't changed at all!! even with additional "conditions" declared. Cant risk insurance being declared invalid. Time for me to grow up.

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Villan67 in reply to Colsy1903

Out of interest who did you use? Travelling soon for the first time since I've been taking my cocktail of tablets and not looking forward to the insurance quotes!

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Colsy1903 in reply to Villan67

AllClear seem to be best option I’ve found for travel insurance.

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skid112Heart Star

I don't have high blood pressure either, but I do have pills for it. Cholesterol, yes I have it, lowered now due to the statins and exercise. Glad to see its the same price, would hate another wriggle out

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The best person to ask what you should declare is your GP. In the unlikely event that you ever need to make a claim the insurance company would ask you to get a medical certificate completed by your GP. If you check what they would put on the certificate you are sure you are covered. Also if things change mid policy you need to inform the insurance company.

Hope that helps.

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I would say yes. Insurance will find any reason not to payout

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Declare everything

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clarehealsworldwide in reply to gal4God

Yes, declare. Otherwise the insurance Co. will refuse to pay out.

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gbtbag in reply to clarehealsworldwide

I agree. Hopefully you won't have to claim while you're away buy if you do, insurance company will go over your medical records with a fine tooth comb. If they find anything, they will use it as an excuse to deny your claim. You don't want to get stuck with having to pay US hospital charges. It costs a few hundred dollars just to walk through the doors of A&E.

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Definately declare it, I did for my husband it didn’t alter the premium but he became seriously ill while in Kenya with heart failure. Insurance tried every which way to get out of paying and supporting us but luckily all declared so we were covered.

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Personally I would say yes and let the insurance company decide if it's relevant. I always declare everything as I don't want to give the insurance company any wriggle room.

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I take a blood pressure tablet but don’t have high blood pressure, my cardiologist and heart failure nurse when I asked the question they tell me it’s to help my heart problems should I declare high blood pressure on my travel insurance.

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It could be said that the reason you don't have high blood pressure because of the medication! Use a company that specialises in existing problems and they will advise without bias

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I would suggest you be honest and answer everything with all information. The reason: one lady at our cardio group informed us that her son held back some information and sadly was taken I’ll. Worse still he was in America. The result, he ended up having to sell his home on his return as he had to fork out the med bills , the reason being he did not declare All his current med history. Best to be safe than sorry.

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