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After CA 2 years on

As one of the very lucky people to have survived my CA and now only taking Ramipril 5mg with Aspirin, not forgetting statins, I am still confused as to where my energy has gone, again been very fortunate to have passed all clinic check ups and heart is working fine but excepting I have stents inserted into my arteries. my query is why when I try to continue with my previous sports ie, (golf swimming part gym) I get very tired the following day, with golf now tend to use a buggy where before no problem in walking, heart specialist states it is common but has no explanation other than try and build up slowly with 30 min walks, has anybody got any better answers to this as I seem to be asking the unknown !.

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Hiya, it seems most of us have the same issues on here.

I can walk miles & miles some days, but generally the next day I feel sluggish.

Sometimes I fall out of ruteen for whatever reason, therefore it can be hard to get back to it.

But when I am behaving, I find even though I am sluggish and tierd the next day. I still walk anyway.

Not that I have ever done a marithorn, but I think it must be a bit like that. You know, when they say they hit the wall. If they can just push through that, then they get a new lease of life. Suddenly they have the energy to carry on till the end.

That's what I try to do, as tiring and hard it is. I try to give myself a goal on each walk. I am going to walk to there no mater what.

And of course the fact is, I get tired whatever I do, one mile or anything up to eight or nine. Just depends on where I am going.

The important thing is to listen to your body and take rests little and often.

It's not a race or marithorn, I do it in my own time.

When I get home, I am always glad I did it.

But the fact is, some days I don't evan feel lije walking to my local shops when I need something. They are only half a mile away.

My partner says don't do it all in one day, then burn yourself out for two.

The fact is, we heart patients don't kniw how we will feel from onw day to the next.

I can feel burnt out when I haven't done anything as such. So I try to do what I can, when I can.

I hope you find your limatations soon, as we are all different.

Most important thing, don't be so hard on yourself. Except that sometimes you just can't do it due to that day's energy levels.

The sooner you do that and be kind to yourself. The sooner you will start to feel better.

Sending supportive hugs, Jo😊

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Thanks for that and I do understand what you have said and can say yeh thats kinda me, I suppose it is a shock and depressing to feel that you burn yourself out for a few days doing something previously was quite the norm, also trying to find that line when active to not go back two steps, painful that no one has answers to us in trying to improve on what we had before, so I move on and ever hopeful that I find a solution, I wish you well and once again thanks for the reply.

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