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7 day update

Sorry I have not been in touch since my last post relating to seeing my Surgeon on 6th February 2018

Well what a day that was, everything went well in fact it was a whirlwind day, saw him at approx 11;15am and by 11:45am I was on my way home to pack a bag and return to James Cook Hospital to have my x3 bypass the very next day. If it was not for the ultimate professionalism of Mr Ralph White I would have gone into meltdown, he had an amazing approach he was straight to the point, empathetic, thorough with a lovely human side to him which made the decision easier.

So.. here I am having had 2 nights at home and progressing well.

What can I say about all the staff from James Cook Cardio wards, simply amazing!! Working under very difficult constraints, staffing shortages, managing wards,long hours, limited beaks the list goes on, however these people keep battling on through. We must cherish our NHS staff and support them in the years ahead.

Anyone who is facing surgery soon, you will be in good hands, one thing I would recommend, try and stay positive as you can. Its not a walk in the park but if I can do it anyone can as I am an absolute jellyback. (I could sleep in a bucket).

I would also like to thank all posters who messaged with their support leading up to my surgery.

Feel free to message me if I can be of any help.



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Great to hear Cube, thanks for sharing and good luck with the recovery. Keep us posted


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Good to hear everything went well Cube, I am sure with your positive outlook you will be a great help to lots of people going through the same thing.



Hi Joan

I had a guy on here who I communicated with in private who was an inspration to me after my diagnosis. If I can do the same for someone out there it would make me feel as if I am doing something wothwhile and helping them through.



I myself haven't had anything as near as bad as you but I do find people like yourself an inspiration and it helps me stay positive, I am due to start a new journey next month as I am moving back to UK and hopefully will get a better insight to my problem. I think this site is amazing and it is made by people like you and many others here. Wishing you a speedy recovery Cube.



Thanks Joan

Anything I can do to help, please feel free to get in touch. A journey is a good word and the ideal way to view your progress.

Looking forward to see how you are getting a long.



Great to hear hope you have a speedy recovery

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