Good 6 week check today 😊😊😊

Good 6 week check today 😊😊😊

Had a really good morning today

Got discharged from my surgeon,i am lucky my MVR has gone really well,am on life long tablets for my AF and lifelong warfarin.

Keep walking,sleeping too they said,dont lift too much yet as 7 weeks is too early.

Still got pain but as all you kind people say it is early day..3 months for the sternum to heal.i am thrilled i am allowed to book a holiday too 😊 but not till next year

Am allowed to drive did hurt to be honest

Spent £25 on chocolate yesterday,took it all with me and said massive thank yous to all who looked after me.amazing staff at James cook university was nice to hear them say wow you look was good 😊😊😊 x

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  • Yay! You really do look fantastic, glad you're feeling it too :)

  • Thank you very much 😊 x

  • Yay happy days looking good. Take a towel next time you drive, fold it and put it over your chest before you put your seat belt on, a bit of extra padding does help. The steering and looking over your shoulder do take a toll, but slow and steady

  • Great advice,thank you and i am going to do that today as my wafarin needs checking x

  • You look amazing Dazzler,

    So pleased you are doing so well, don’t over do it!

    Dory xβ€οΈπŸ’•β£οΈ

  • Hi Jenny so pleased all went well yesterday and the surgeon was happy to discharge you. Were you in AF before the op or is that something new from the surgery, only asking because my GP is struggling to find a beta blocker I can tolerate and I was hoping my op would mean I wouldn't have to take a B/B anymore.

    Don't over do things 😊

    Best wishes


  • Hi Annette,

    Thank you very much,

    AF is new to me and happened after my 30 hour sleep when they woke me up in cicu.

    It happened 3 times in hdu and was given an iv of Metropolol in there,since discharge and over the last 4 weeks my gp has increased it to 50mg 3 times per seems to be working..they had tried another first in hospital but never worked.

    I hope you find one soon as its not nice.surgeon said yesterday its lifelong and i feel it agrees with me though suffer now with constipation

    Hope this helps xx

  • Glad to hear you are recovering well. I shall be having my bypass at James Cook so thats given me some encouragement...thanks.

    All the best


  • They are amazing there,fab surgeons and excellent staff.

    Good luck x

  • Thanks :-)

  • Wow you look fab after 6 weeks! I remember my 6 week check and I don't think I looked that good lol! Glad to hear your recovery is going well. Take it easy still and don't push yourself. Your body will tell you when to slow down. I paid for extra cardiac rehab at my local gym after my nhs rehab finished and I def recommend it. I had my AVR June 2012 . Not looked back since. Will need again as I had tissue valve so I could have a family (currently 32wks with my 2nd since my surgery) amazing what they can do these days! Good luck to you 😁 x

  • Aww thank you very much ❀

    How very brave you are.

    Some days i am so tired as the valve ticks and its still keeping me awake at night.will get there but i agree with you and not over do things,sternum is still very sore x wishing you well x

  • Thanks so much Dazzler I'm really encouraged by your example, as I'm still waiting for a date for my AVR. I just wondered what the 6 week check up involves? Keep taking care of yourself, you've now got a holiday to look forward to. You'll dazzle everyone on the beach! Margaret😊

  • I don't remember too much about mine aside from having a lot of questions that I forgot to ask.

  • That sounds like the sort of thing that I would do ......

  • Aww thank you very much,my daughter who is 15 only really remembers me being poorly as had rheumatic fever 10 years ago but only found out my heart was damaged nearly 3 years ago but i was poorly.

    It will be lovely to go away and feel well i hope and not breathless..i could barely walk up my stairs.anyway,

    I had an ecg and checked blood pressure..had a look at my sternum and checked my heart and lungs.general questions also about how you feel

    I have had to echocardigrams prior to the appointment so they knew how my heart and valve is doing.

    I am lucky as have generally made a good recovery

    Sternum hurts still at week 7,i have a mechanical mitral valve and it ticks quite loudly so my sleeping pattern is not good still as keeps me awake

    I hope you hear soon

    Jenny x

  • Thanks Jenny. I've been told it could be as long as December/January, as I'm not urgent. My main symptom is tiredness and lack of stamina. I'm resigned to the wait and just getting on with life as best I can under the circumstances.

    You keep up the good work, I'm so pleased for you.



  • Thank you so much ❀

    I do hope you hear soon.

    Jenny ❀ x

  • Hi Dazzler, you look amazing, so glad you are doing so well. l too am on lifelong warfarin l think its a small price to pay to keep safe, however l have been told not to eat cranberry or grapefruit which is a pain but l can drink wine in moderation which is wonderful! Take care and well done!!! Sue x

  • Aww Thank you Sue 😊😊😊

    Yes i was told about grapefruit..i dont like it haha.warfarin is fine,i had the nurses out to me for 6 weeks but i can drive now to get my INR checked

    I need to eat more healthier, i have been feeling off it last 5 days and grabbing quick fix me foods.. no good.

    I have bronchiectasis too so tis the season to get worse..not fair after just having heart surgery.

    Hope you are well

    Jenny x

  • Aw, feel better soon. Hardly seems fair to come down with something now! I agree with Sue - snuggle up and pamper yourself x

  • Thank you ❀feel rubbish today. X

  • Tripe and onions is what sick people used to have all the time.(sounds delicious) ha ha !!! Seriously, they kept on about the value of protein at my hospital especially pork as doesn`t receive injections to make it lean. Your immune system suffers for months after heart surgery, its c**p Jenny but things will get better, keep nice and warm honey, and pamper yourself. Love Sue x

  • Haha

    Feel real rubbish today my head and glands are up

    Yes i heard about protein on here but i honestly dont remember what food to they said to eat.i like pork ...oooh sue tripe lol haha. onions is a big yes,i love them

    In bed now and not me but i have walked about 1mile today so not too bad but out of breath x.

  • Try not to overdo it, hope you feel better soon. Sue x

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