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Why are my post not getting through?

MrsbeevintageHeart Star

Not sure what's happening with this site .it doesn't seem to be working for me ..i have posted three times in the last few days and there is nothing here .no response and no sign of the post ..i think it time to leave and deal with this stuff on my own ...take care all

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I can see you, please don't leave😉

MrsbeevintageHeart Star in reply to Cube58

Thanks...stopped sulking now 😃

Cube58 in reply to Mrsbeevintage

Welcome back, we all get like that from time to time. ;-)

I can see you too! Come back!

MrsbeevintageHeart Star in reply to laura_dropstitch

Changed my mind you guys are too good for me x

You must be doing the right thing now as your latest post is up on the site. Maybe try again with one of your posts from the last few days.

MrsbeevintageHeart Star in reply to Nettyanne

Yeah it must have been my phone x

I can also see you, please don't give up, you are doing just fine with your entry😊

This forum is not quite like your usual social media. A lot of us have spells when we are on here and spells when we are not. I guess it depends on how we are feeling at the time. We treat eachother like family by thinking I know they are there for me and viseversor. So sometimes we think, I don't really need to check in or talk to the new family today 😕

Sometimes you'll find our friends on here are pushed for time. So they will read your post as they may have a few minutes to spare. But then they'll forget to comment later when they do have time. Therefore move on to the next post without realising their comments and advice may just have been what you needed . So appoliges on behalf of myself and our friends on here, it really isn't personal. 💟

Or you may find those that have read it but don't feel they have anything to offer or contribute 👎

I hope you have sussed out that you are using the forum correctly.

I look forward to sometimes reading your new post again in the future.

Very best wishes to you Mrsbeevintage 😊😊😊 hugs on behalf of our friends and myself are sent you you, Jo 😊

MrsbeevintageHeart Star in reply to Sina-6491

Thankyou for your kindness x

Ps, I have just looked, yoir last post that came through was 17 days ago. If that is any help 😊

MrsbeevintageHeart Star

Thanks for your reply ..no I posted twice this week and there not there ..dont know why...its odd ,I'm just over reacting proberbly ..just being daft xxx

Aww, glad you got it sorted 😊😊😊

Good morning, l agree with Jo sometimes we have nothing to say. l have been really quiet lately and like you l thought about leaving but changed my mind. Also my Father in law died on New Years Eve so lots of things to do, it was a very good way to pass on, he was 92 and sharp in his mind. He just drank a cup of tea, ate a cheese and pickle sandwich then minutes later he died with his children beside him and not in pain. l would like to go that way but only after drinking a vineyard of wine, eating a fillet steak with creamy pepper sauce, oh and a raspberry pavlova dripping in double cream. l hope you feel a little more happy now. Take care, Sue.

MrsbeevintageHeart Star in reply to kefalonia1

Thanks for your answer ,made me think now ,what would my final meal be ...i might just join you for yours it sounds perfect but I'd want to be near a beach in Greece ...it wasn't that you guys weren't answering me it was they just weren't getting through .must have been a blip ..as it seems ok now ...

Lets change the menu! Starter- taziki and battered kalamari with garlic mayonnaise and a lush greek salad with feta and pitta bread. Main- keleftico and stifado with delicious lemon potatoes and whole runner beans drizzled in mountain grown olive oil. Dessert- baklava smothered in greek honey and cream. Drinks- ouzo shots and Afrodite greek wine. l too am obsessed with Greece and have been to nearly every lsland as back in the day l worked for Thomas Cook. My favourite place is Paleocastritsa in Corfu where we found a wonderful tavern owned by two brothers called the Acupolco. lt is hidden down a dirt track and carved into the hill and has the most amazing views of the sea where you can spend the day around the pool or step down a ladder straight into the ocean- PARADISE, been there 6 times. Look it up online it will take to a good place!!! Take care, Sue.

MrsbeevintageHeart Star in reply to kefalonia1

Now that sounds even better ...yum xxx

Sina-6491 in reply to kefalonia1

Yes what a fabulous way to go, bless him. How lovely for you and your family to know he went peasefully and he is now at pease 💚💛💜💕

That all sounds scrumptious, what music would you go for 👂

kefalonia1 in reply to Sina-6491

Zorba the Greek of course. x

Sina-6491 in reply to kefalonia1


I can see your post.

I may due to go to surgery in 2hrs!!

MrsbeevintageHeart Star in reply to BigT2013

Be well ..x

Sina-6491 in reply to BigT2013

Just seen this six hours later.

I know you are going to be fine and hope you feel better real soon 😊👍

Sina-6491 in reply to Sina-6491

This ladt message was for BigT2013, but I messed it up, soz Mmmmm...BigT

I hope you are not too sore 😊

I can see your post

I'm going down for surgery at 08.00

Linda-joy in reply to BigT2013

I hope it all goes well

MrsbeevintageHeart Star in reply to BigT2013

Good luck with everything xx

I can see your post you are not alone. We are all going through scary times and I can honestly say that even if I don’t post svmot reading everyone’s stories has helped me more than anything x

MrsbeevintageHeart Star in reply to Gabbi1966

Thankyou x

I can see this message don't give up

MrsbeevintageHeart Star in reply to HeatherForanSmith


MrsbeevintageHeart Star

Thanks I'm not sure what was happening but it's good to know your all still there x

I can see you too xx


That's very strange! Glad everyone's confirmed that they can see your posts though :) We'll get in touch with HealthUnlocked to see if they have any ideas of what might have happened (but hopefully it was a blip).

Relieved to have you still with us!

Hi Mrsbeevintage, I have flagged your problem with posting to HealthUnlocked, I know they have been doing alot of updates these last few weeks, and bugs will be inevitable. However I'm glad to hear you're giving us another chance :) I'll be in touch when I hear back from them.

Yes me too....but self help is the strongest effect. C

I'm a bit disappointed because I have left posts and they are not displayed. Nor have there been any responses. When I first sent in replies about heart abnormalities, several people replied saying the posts were very helpful. I felt i was able to contribute constructively to several discussions.

Maybe I should change my contributor name? So let Bluerose 76 change to Cyclist 83. How's that? Good idea?

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