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waiting lists

Still waiting for my operation date, i need to ring hospital but very nervous as i think they going to say not before May as on holiday April. i was originally told by surgeon it would be mid jan latest in time to recover for holiday, but i think hospital massively behind on operations. my symptoms are getting worse as some time just up the stairs and im out of breath and no energy.Also affecting my work now too

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To put your mind at rest and to enable you to plan you need to make that call.

I hope the outcome of your conversation is favourable and your op is not too far away.

Keep us posted

All the best



thanks for reply should ring them later today

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Hi. Definitely ring the hospital and make sure you tell them your symptoms are getting worse. Hopefully then you'll get your op sooner rather than later and be able to enjoy your holiday.



Additionally it’s probably worth saying you are willing to take a cancellation. It worked for me.

Also don’t forget to inform your holiday insurance company. Failure can mean claims are not possible. It really does I learnt unfortunately.


Ring the cardiology department direct as outpatient appointments departments are often next to useless! Also check the Ts&Cs of your holiday - better to cancel sooner than later!


Rang cardio ward who said might be feb if not july/aug . Nearly 12 month wait


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