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Waiting for triple bypass

Hi, I'm new here age 69. Waiting for a triple bypass diagnosed at my local hospital 6 June on a treadmill and an angiogram on 27 June. Now I'm waiting for the referral to a London hospital and the first appointment there.

The angiogram also showed that I'd had this condition for a long time. By my reconning at least 5 years. That's about the time I've been cycling and I always had to rest if I had a pain. Investigation back then found I had duodenitis. So it was a shock to learn I had angina.

The stress testing was due to a new GP who didn't think the previous investigation thorough enough and sent me for the stress testing.

I've just been told that travelling abroad is not recommended while waiting for this surgery and am cancelling my trip to Italy. It's weird as I flew to California in April and drove to Ireland in June.

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Morning Phillip H and welcome to the club. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but as a recipient of a quad from Barts back in Nov last year i can do nothing but recommend them. The road to recovery is going to be a bit rocky, physically and mentally but you have come to the right place for personal experiences and hopefully help and laughter

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Yes but now investigations have shown what the problem is. You would probs find at this moment in time, if something was to happen while you where away, your usual insurance policy, wouldn't cover hospital fees abroad. And there would be issues getting back home, probs costing thousands.

Horrible that you have got to cancel, but it is best for your short term wellbeing.

Once you've had the opp, you can then have Italy to look forward to.

Italy, what a lovely place to complete your recovery :)

I am 100% sure my heart condition was missed by different Gps, many times before my heart attack. And of course I knew it was in my family genetics. So I guess really, it was also missed by me.

The signs & symptoms seemed to me afterwards, to be so obvious that they should have at least been investigated on the possibilities of them being issues around the heart.

But what do I know ha?

I am sure sometimes they thought my symptoms were all in my head.

I have had a couple of really good Gps since then though, so not all bad.

Believe it or not, I have seen the same Gp, about six times now, how rare is that? ha......And she is absolutely lovely, very kind & genuine.

Hopefully you have your opp in the very near future, keep us updated, wont you :)

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I had my bypass just over 7 weeks ago, I had my angiogram back in January was referred to a surgeon who I saw i March. I am 60 this year and to celebrate I had booked a 60 day (business class don't you know) trip to Australia and NZ booked Feb - April. I too was told not to fly even though I felt quite well when I sat down. We had to cancel the trip and luckily bar £35 pp excess we had it all back.

I was surprised that Expedia (Emirates) gave us all but £500 pp back, we had paid over £3500 each for the flights and they said non refundable and non transferable so we were really pleased.

I have now been given the all clear to fly but have decided on a cruise for my first holiday just to take it easy.

I am going to take a short flight to Scotland before I do take a holiday flight just to see how it is.

We just don't know how the pressure in a cabin will effect us.

Better to be safe than sorry - I hope you are not waiting too long for the bypass.

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I've had a couple of trips to Spain since my little adventure, first in Feb 3 months after but had to get doctors sign off.


That is the biggie for insurance. I am lucky in that I pay a 'group insurance' so they will cover me no matter what my pre existing conditions are except:

If I am terminally ill

Travelling to get medical treatment

Travelling against the advice of a doctor.

It is best to be safe than sorry.

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As you are embarking on a great adventure can I just tell you that I had a quadruple bypass in December 1999 (yes 1999) and since then have travelled around India (four times), Greece, West Africa, Egypt, the USA and much of Europe. Enjoy the rest of what I feel sure will be a long life.

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Thanks for all your positive messages. I have now cancelled my flight to Italy and got 21,000 air miles back (and £50). I will stay home and my wife and grown-up kids can enjoy the fab villa with pool in Puglia. I'll stay home and look after the cat and watch my stuff on TV and computer games. Almost a holiday!


We've had to cancel holidays this year as I am waiting for an Aortic replacement and deemed unfit to fly, but when we tell people we stress that they are merely POSTPONED trips. All being well we will be going next year!! Good luck.


In some ways it took a lot of pressure of me when I was told I couldn't go on holiday. I kept worrying about timings and I was ringing the appointments dept every week.

When I was officially told not to go, I (and my friend) filled in the relevant forms, got the doctor to complete the claims form and then print off all the documentation. I then relaxed (as much as possible) and waited.

Luckily the insurance was great and it was all sorted withing 2 weeks.

I was discharged over a week ago and am hoping to book a cruise as the Dr told me I could go on holiday, although I have had a bit of a relapse so that has made me a little afraid.


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