Sorry i disappeared

Hello all.

I hope you are well and have had a lovely christmas..

I am so Sorry i vanished for a while,

I have had some personal problems and needed time with family.

My new mitral valve is still clicking away annoying me,keeping me very awake sadly 4 months on,been having some really bad extra beats and high heart rates..been a bit down but see my cardiologist soon.

Scar is looking great though.

Happy New Year to you all

Much love

Jenny x

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  • Hi Jenny

    So sorry to hear you have had some personal problems as well as issues with your valve. I do hope everything is resolved for you, good luck seeing your cardiologist.

    Wishing you a healthier 2018.

    With love, Dory x💕

  • Happy New Year to you too Dory. I hope your recovery is going well. Love Margaret xx

  • Thank you Margaret, I am making slow progress. I have several side effects including post perfusion syndrome which I won’t bore you with. I see my cardiologist on the 9th so will be able to discuss them with him.

    All the best for 2018, things can only get better!

    Love, Dory xxx💕

  • Hi Dory, sorry to hear you are having problems after your surgery and hope the cardiologist can help when you see him. It is bad enough going through the surgery without the side effects from the op.

    As you say things can only get better!

    All the best for 2018.


  • Well, slow progress is at least progress, which is good news. I dread to think what post perfusion syndrome is, but at least it has been recognised and hopefully the cardiologist can help. All best wishes for the New Year. Love Margaret xx

  • Thank you Margaret, it’s my awkward body - always reacts differently to most folk!

    Wishing you a healthy 2018, Dory xx💕

  • Thank you Dory.❤

    Hope you are well x

  • Thank you Jenny, as you can see in my reply to Margaret I see my cardiologist on the 9th so I can discuss all the niggling side effects that are hampering my recovery. I’ll get there, patience is a virtue.

    All the best for 2018.

    With love, Dory xxx💕

  • Happy New Year to you too. I hope you can get some answers soon and start to move on. Love Margaret xx

  • Thank you

    I've not even been allowed to start my cardio rehab as my heart rate too high 😢

    Happy New Year x

  • That's disappointing for you, I'm going to chase mine up this week as I haven't heard anything, What was the rate they considered to be too high? How was it discovered?

    Otherwise I hope you are feeling okay. If I remember correctly you've booked a holiday for later this year, something to look forward to. Happy New Year. Love Margaret xx

  • Hi Jenny

    Sorry to hear you're struggling with your recovery. Thankfully the clicking doesn't bother me, but I'm not sure whether a mitral valve is louder than an aortic one, but can understand it being annoying if you can't block it out.

    I'm still getting out of breath and get occasional chest pain but I've got my check up on 8th so will see what he says.

    All the best for 2018.

    Wendy x

  • Wishing all you ladies above a happier and healthier 2018. Sorry to hear some of you have been having a difficult time with your recoveries - especially hard at this time of year, I imagine. Much love and luck to you all x

  • Hi Jenny sorry you’ve had problems and I hope spending time with your family has helped. I can imagine the clicking must be very annoying, must be like having tinnitus.

    Not being able to get good quality sleep can’t be helping your recovery and must be making you feel very low, it may be worth taking sleeping tablets just for a couple of weeks to kick start your sleep pattern . I took them for 2wks and god they really helped, just to have good nights sleep lifts your mood which in turn helps recovery. I am glad I had a biological value, I have gained an extra beat but nothing major and my heart rate is steady. I’ve only had painful lower joints which also stoped me continuing with rehab , after test it turned out to be very low vitamin D , I’ve been on a high dose for a week now and already feel the difference . My scar has healed beautifully the top part that shows is practically invisible. I start counselling on the 9th for the depression but I am having better days more often. I hope you get sorted soon and wish you health and happiness for 2018 because we bloody deserve it after the crap 2017 dishes out love Kaz💖❤️💕🎉🍸

  • Hi Jenny, sorry to hear about your problems both personal and heart related.

    Hope your cardiologist can sort out the high heart rate so you can start the cardio rehab.

    A Happy and hopefully healthier New Year to you.


  • Hi Jenny and welcome back, sorry to hear about your problems.

    Hoping 2018 is a much better year for you

    take care


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