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Sorry I've been MIA


I've been to stay with my friend in Somerset as my house is chaotic. I swear it's far worse than it should be. The kitchen fitters are coming Monday to fit the kitchen and my brother in law has already identified problems with the plumbing and will have to speak to the kitchen fitters on Monday.

I am trying hard not to stress but it's so hard.

I have suffered a lot of pain last week as I definitely overdid it and breathing has been very painful and I think I've done something to my ribs. Luckily I took lots of painkillers with me so I drugged up.

I start work again next week and drive to Manchester on Sunday. I have to admit I am tempted to tell the Physio rehab to shove the assessment where the sun don't shine. I may price up private assessment after I finish my 3 weeks work.

I have booked 2 weeks in Cyprus in November so hope all will be okay by then.

I hope everyone is okay.

As my electric is off I have no wifi so am using my phone so any spelling or grammatical errors I apologise for. 😀

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skid112Heart Star

Hi Heather, you have been missed. Not so good on the over doing it again nor the stress, I hope both clear up soon. Fully get your frustration with the rehab, but if you can try and get to it, it does help.

Enjoy the work and happy days for the hols!

Heather1957 in reply to skid112

I want to get my life back and I can't hold off everything while they get me a date. I am working for the next 3 weeks so can't go then for assessment. I am either 14 or 15 weeks post op. I need to get back to living again and not waiting.

I am returning to Manchester tomorrow.

Oh Heather, you have been through the wars.

Just think though, time you finish you consultancy work. You'll have that lovely new kitchen to cook a nice meal in. Then sit down with a nice glass of red.

Chin up girl, things will soon look brighter 😆

Hi Heather,

sounds like your up to your eyes in mess. That's the last thing you need. I have really bad pain after I've over done things. I find I get fatigued the day after I've walked or exercised. Hope the work in Manchester isn't too much and you can cope with the long drive.

Heather1957 in reply to Twobells

I was so ready to start back to work but the last few days have been so painful. I just wonder when it will all end as this is so up and down. Hopefully next week will go okay! I thought the washing machine and tv in the conservatory had all broken but it seems my brother in law had isolated the washing machine and the tv was on the wrong sky channel - phew!!

Twobells in reply to Heather1957

Yes, it gets to the point you just want to feel 'normal'. I thought I would be so much better. I feel OK just get so tired. Berylsmum on here has been to reiki and said that really helped her so I am looking for a local facility to try it. Like you get severe pain especially when I've over done it.

Hi all I hope you are all doing okay!

I have been so busy lately I have returned to work with a vengeance, don't worry I am not overdoing it.

I have decided NOT to go to physio as I couldn't go to the last appointment as they had already cancelled 2 but 16 weeks post op was far too late. I did have a long chat with the physio so am armed with some info.

I have worked for the last 2 weeks and am working for the next 2 then I have a week off then I am working for a week then I am off to Cyprus for 2 weeks and have no work booked for the future. I am tired but healthily. I don't do physical work only assessment so nothing to strenuous but am really looking forward to my holiday in Cyprus.

Glad I am working though as my windscreen wipers stopped working yesterday and a linkage has broken, it cost nearly £300 to put right, as I had to have a proper Nissan part (I have a Qashqai)

My kitchen has been a nightmare, they delivered the wrong worktops and so the fitters have already been twice and after yet another delivery they STILL have not delivered the breakfast bar, hopefully next week will be the week. I am now using the dishwasher (it is on while I type) and have started to put things into the cabinets to morrow after a long lie in I hope to have most of my small bedroom clear. I will be so glad when it is completely finished, I will then start on sprucing up my lounge!! Hopefully done while I am in Cyprus!!

I am feeling well but know that I can easily have some pain so am not being daft. As my car was in for repair today I have walked miles, I ache all over as I know I am not doing enough exercise but will have to change that.

I feel I have recovered in spite of getting no follow up but luckily I have recovered, long may it continue.

I will try and keep reading but may be a little remiss in contributing for the next few weeks.

Take care everyone and keep strong. xxxx

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