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Crt-d and driving

Hi all, after some more advice please...

So I had my crt-d device fitted on monday. Can anyone who has one let me know how they got on with notifying the DVLA and how long they were stopped from driving. I thought it would be one month but there is small print that says if ef is less than 35% it should be 6 months. My ef was 17% before meds and device but I don't know what it is now. I phoned DVLA and they are sending me forms and say I have to return them within 14 days so that will be too soon for my 6 week review. I have to drive for my car for my job so I really need to get this right! Thank you all x

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In my experience it can take upto 12 weeks, sometimes it can take longer.

On rare occasions it may be within the 12 weeks

They have to contact your GP and consultants and sometimes you may be required to see a DVLA Appointed doctor and or have further tests carried out at DVLA Centres.

They don't seem to rush.


Thank you so much for your reply - very helpful. Having some idea of what to expect means that I can warn my employers that I won't be out and about as before for a while. I get the bit about the DVLA not being in a rush - almost funny considering how pushy they are about getting the forms back completed within 14 days! Take care


Hi again I have a heart valve issue.

But NO symptoms, no meds nothing.

However I have to deal with the DVLA Every year as I drive with my job but also have HGV/LGV.

At least you now have bit of a heads up.


I only drive a private car but am on a lot of meds alongside the device. I work in community nursing so travel all day from house to house - I hope I'm not job hunting soon! Best wishes to you


Hi KAJW I'm due to have a CRT-d fitted Nov 22nd & my biggest concern was not being able to drive as I have an active life (mostly coffee-ing, lunch-ing and doing nothing productive haha!!) The consultant told me everyone was different but he thought 4 weeks would probably sort me out as I'm otherwise quite fit, so I was quite optimistic. However, my EF is also 17% so you've given me another question to ask when I go for my pre-admission appt. on Thursday. The EF wasn't mentioned...


Hi Pammy 309 I may have completely misinterpreted what I read so don't worry too much lol! It sounds hopeful for you if you're consultant has said 4 weeks doesn't it. No one at the hospital has mentioned anything about driving to me! Let me know if you hear any more though please and I will do the same! We are all so reliant on just jumping in the car and going these days no matter what it's for! Best wishes for the 22nd xx

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hi KAJW....I have just looked to find you to see if there was any news as to your CRT-D being fitted....and here you are hooray! !

How dd it go? Your above post sounds all positive, so am guessing that all went well and you appear to be itching to get back to work :-)

I cannot help you with your DVLA question as I decided to sell my car over a year ago when I became so so ill.

I am considering the option to drive again but am not in any dire need to at the moment.

As far as I know, the DVLA will contact your GP and cardiologist based on what information you include on the forms. And as you have read, it will depend on your EF alongside other factors.

Hope you are reaping the benefits of the CRT-D and noticing the difference in QOL.


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