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Feeling guilty over food intake


I have to be v careful what I eat but this weekend I have really let it go in terms of sugar consumption. Hoping I can pull it back tomorrow. Currently off Statins but hoping to go back on soon to keep all the plaques smooth and round. I have serious pad and probs with LAD being 40% blocked,so really need to watch weight-10lbs to go- and type of food.

I have been so on it for at least 7months. Feel I let myself down badly.

Sorry for the moan

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Dont be sorry, and don't be so hard on yourself. We are all human, it happens. You say you have been on it for several months, well go you, cos thats amazing! Are you aware of joe wicks, diet and fitness guru? Loved an article about him recently being totally up front about falling off the sugar wagon big time. I know your goal has a huge health reason behind it. Deep breath, refocus, and then perhaps allow yourself a little something? I am 2 weeks into sugar free again, my promised treat at 4 weeks is a starbucks mince pie! Moving forwards, not looking backwards

Speakeazi in reply to dandydemon

Thank you. Good words to get me going today. Moving forward not looking backwards.

Hi like you I have LAD blocked 80% and being treated with medication. I like you worry about what I eat like crisps or chocolate or cake ( I really like cake) I have lost 7.lb so far but need to lose another stone and half. I do still have the odd 25gm crisp bag but I have just a few squares of chocolate or a bite or two of other chocolate bars so not having large amounts, I like to bake but only eat a small piece of cake once a week. It's hard when you have a sweet tooth like me but I know it's to help keep arteries from getting narrower. Well done so far . How did you find out your artery was narrowing I had no signs until intense ache when walking up a slight hill then after all the usual tests wham . I was told if we eat healthy diet and exercise then can stop arteries from getting further blocked . Let's hope it works . Good luck to you xx

Speakeazi in reply to Plum53

Hi, I found out when I had a pain in my chest walking along outside in the cold. Lots of misdiagnosis, but vigilant gp sent me to the cardiologist.

Everyone all v surprised blah blah blah!

But also had pains in legs on walking for years. Saw a vascular surgeon more shocks for everyone with PAD. 100% small blockage in Fem Artery. But arterial blood above and below the block. I have grown collateral blood vessels which have created an alternative route for the blood supply!

Lots of other narrowing at various %s.

So my fear of something floating off is high. Hence the food issue.

Hopefully the daily walk to and from work and exercise bike plus the eating plus the medication will all play their part.

Here’s to getting very old!


laura_dropstitchHeart Star in reply to Speakeazi

That's so amazing that your body grew those new blood vessels! You definitely sound very focussed on your health goals, I reckon you'll shift those last ten pounds. Here's to getting very old indeed! :)

Plum53 in reply to Speakeazi

Thank you for reply funny I always felt I would live to 93 just a feeling lol but now if I could get to 80 I would be grateful . I'm 64 good luck with diet and everything else x

It's so frustrating to regret an overindulgence, I feel your pain! But like dandydemon said, sounds like you have been doing brilliantly overall. You can't undo a blip but you can pat yourself on the back for not allowing it to distract you from the bigger picture. (I have struggled with my weight for a long time and am very guilty of letting a blip turn into the end of hard-won good habits.) Take a deep breath, refocus and keep up your good work! :)

Hi don't feel bad ...you have done so well and it's only human to slip up now and then . Just dust yourself off and onwards and upwards again . Good luck

To err is human or perhaps that should be to eat cake is human😀. If you have only fallen off the wagon once in 7 months I think that is an amazing achievement. The transgression is just one day. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just but it down to a momentary lapse and get back in there. Good luck losing the final 10 - they are always the hardest to shift.


Don't be so hard on yourself. The occasional lapse is fine and realistic. Why not allow yourself a treat as a target? That way you'll get a little sugar fix every now and then and less likely to have a sugarfest! You can't change what has happened so you need to stop beating yourself up about it and move on. Just keep reminding yourself how well you're doing and that a small lapse is not going to derail you.


I’ve found giving up sugar wasn’t easy but grown to love sugar free sweets and water instead of pop. My boyfriend dared me to drink water and I listened to him. It probably helps me though that I’m in my 30s so im still young enough to listen to dares, but I fink anyone care be dared to do the right thing. It helps me that I have a support group and it’s made fun to look after my heart. U need to self control.

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