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Feeling low - 16 days post MVR


Hi everyone,

Hoping you are all doing okay? I am 16 days post op for Mechanical Mitral Valve replacement (this is my 2nd open heart surgery) and was discharged from hospital on day 14. It took a really long time to get my INR in therapeutic range.

I am feeling really emotional today and can’t put my finger on why. I have amazing family and friends around me but I feel lonely, sad and anxious. Did anyone else have days like this after their surgery? I keep telling myself to get a grip and to be thankful that I’m still here and that the surgery went okay but I just can’t shake the feeling.

Sorry for such a miserable message but any advice or support would be so welcome

Sarah xx

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MichaelJHHeart Star

A good starting point would be to speak with the BHF nurses tomorrow. Depression is not uncommon post open heart surgery. Your GP might be able to offer counselling or a short course of anti-depressants.

SarahNeale in reply to MichaelJH

Thank you Michael. I am already taking anti depressants so hopefully this is just a lull and I will bounce back in the next few days x

Hi Sarah. I am feeling the same 12 weeks after a heart attack and stent placement. I feel wretched and very scared all of the time.

SarahNeale in reply to Harekatie

I am sending lots of love to you and hope things get better for you. Xx

Hi Sarah

I’m about the same number of days post op as you ive had an AVR instead of the MVR you have had . 2 days ago I had a very emotional day where I cried for no real reason I think it’s a mixture of the meds were both on and don’t forget what a massive operation it is we’ve both been through I’ve spoke to loads of people on this site both pre op and post op and having an emotional day is normal just take everything a day at a time try to keep positive and don’t beat yourself up if you shed a few tears. Feeling lonely is normal as family and friends although sympathetic have no idea really what your going through. Don’t worry your reactions are normal but if they become the norm and not the odd day then I would suggest you seek some counselling but if it’s just the odd day then your just like the rest of us.

Stay strong keep talking to people on the site and talk to your cardiology nurse should you need to

Pete ❤️

Thank you so much Pete. Your post is really helpful. I spoke to the psychologist at the hospital this morning and feel glad I did that.

Your posts are great to read and I’m enjoying following you and reading what you have to say.

Being kind to myself is not something I’m very good at so that is giving me some difficulty but I am trying.

I hope that your AVR has been a success? Thank you for sharing and replying to me x

Hi Sarah

If your kind to yourself being kind to others is easier . Your priority at the moment whether you like it or not is “YOU” and you deserve some tlc from both yourself and other people around you. Once your well and fully fit you can put yourself a little down the pecking order if you want but for now make sure your number one because if you don’t the Journey to full recovery will take longer than it should

Pete ❤️

Hello Sarah. Please don't worry. I had MVR and AVR in January and was is hospital for a month. For around 4 months I had days where I felt down. I'd cry at anything - no cereal I wanted, id cry. My tea was too milky, I'd cry. I felt so silly. The nurses reassured me it was normal and many people feel like this after such a big intrusive surgery.

I'm now 8 months on, back working full time and now if someone makes the tea wrong it doesn't ruin my day! It will get better, but very slowly, so be kind to yourself in the meantime.

SarahNeale in reply to Ruffio

Thank you so much. I’m so glad that you are doing so well now and back at work etc. I feel like I need to cry but I just can’t. I haven’t cried at all during the whole duration of pre or post op even though I feel like it might help x

Hi Sarah, This is quite normal and I promise you it will pass. Apparently the anaesthetics can cause temporary changes in the way our brains receive messages and emotive feelings are part of that. I only learned this having discussed it with a phsycologist when I felt so down. Do talk to the heart nurses, they are most understanding but it will pass.

Take care!

SarahNeale in reply to Dockdog

Thank you so much. I had a chat with the psychologist at the hospital today and it did help. I hope all is okay with you now? X

Dockdog in reply to SarahNeale

Hi Sarah, Glad you had a chance to talk this over and get some reassurance. Thanks I am doing fine and making good progress. Hope all goes well for you too. X


You’ve been through a life changing experience and you are bound to feel low at stages, but there is nothing wrong with this, feel free to cry, sometimes it can help, the people around you understand, they won’t expect you to be strong every day , remember be nice to yourself don’t beat yourself up take care

SarahNeale in reply to Luckyguy9

Thank you so much. I will try to be kinder to myself and remind myself that it’s not just a small thing I have been through. Thank you so much for your advice x

I am nearly three months post HA and still feel anxious and depressed. I am assured I will get there and I am sure you will too. Always here if you want to chat xx

Dear Sarah

I hope you feel better very soon. Sending you good vibes.... All the best. Clare

I did have the same heart issue as you (no open heart surgery to recover from) but do remember when my dad had 9 bypasses that he became super emotional. Doctors told him this was quite normal and it did pass after a while. He was a very positive person with a good life and he knew it so he was also troubled by the change as was my mom. Please talk to your health team about these feelings...like I said, it is normal and not because you are failing in some way to "handle it." YOu went through a very big thing and just that fact that you came out well doesn't me is didn't give you the hebee jebees.

Even with no proof, have faith that life will continue to bring you good things. And, crying helps balance the hormones.

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