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Zero support

I had a heart attack, stents to Right CA, attended rehab class. a total failure as I have leg and feet injuries. Could not complete the course due to extreme breathlessness. Back to hospital given 3 more stents to Left CA. No follow up from rehab, no reply from physiotherapy. Suffer from untreated PTSD due to lack of staff, never had my cholesterol checked since Heart attack 4 years ago.

Can anyone tell me how to get support in Aberdeenshire

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Go to your GP and tell them your concerns and ask to have your cholesterol checked at your GP surgery ... your Gp should be there for any follow ups , hope that is of some help ... ♥️


Tried that, that's why I'm asking here. Little or no support in my area, last time I I told GP my concerns, thought he was going to get physical. Looking to pay if I need be, my health is failing rapidly



I know from personal experience Cardiac Rehab in Aberdeen is more than 1st class it is outstanding. Grampian Cardiac Rehabilitation Association have classes across Aberdeenshire. e mail info@gcra.org.uk Web site is gcra.org.uk They have qualified instructors who are well trained and caring. Personally I found it very good from a Social aspect and almost every one who goes to the classes have had Heart Related Problems so your not alone, lots of people willing to help you along. Give it a shot Tel no 01888 569160 for more info on classes, Hope this helps.


Frank W

ps I have no connection to GCRA just attend classes phase IV Cardiac Exercise


You are correct, I had physiotherapy along side that group for years following a horrific accident. I live in the shire, things here are a lot different. I was unable to do the class due to my physical injuries and heavy angina pain, after more stent's, I was told it's a one time deal.

I had to travel to Aberdeen for physio because the Nurse out here forgot about me. I am unable to do that now. This is the tip of the iceberg, you don't know what I've been through, it's a post code lottery.

Kind regards,



Sorry I know it's different in the Shire after all that's where the Hobbits live lol ( I got that from someone at Rehab )

Seriously I understand PTSD I have 2 sons both been on Herrick in Afghanistan sounds like you have had an accident and need a little help. other than Cardiac Rehab !!

I stand by my previous comment Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire are well catered, for Cardiac Rehab with some very Professional People.


Frank W


I have similar worries as I have severe PAD in my left leg and have been unable to walk any distance for years. At the start of the year I developed angina and after numerous tests over a long period am awaiting a quadruple bypass. A friend who had heart surgery sat the start of the year was followed up but was capable of walking quite a distance some months prior to surgery. Sometimes I feel they concentrate on a condition and not the person as a whole!


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