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Finally got a date for angiogram


Heart attack , angiogram and two stents August 12th; one meeting with rehab nurse, two blood tests by GP and that's it- no follow up or advice. Discharge letter said I have a 75% blockage in the LAD which requires a "pressure angiogram". I just got my appointments; pre op next Wednesday and the angiogram November 9th. I'm sure pre op will answer a lot of my questions but has anyone else had a "pressure angiogram". It's apparently to check how well blood is flowing through the blockage because they can't be positive just how bad it is from previous tests. If they feel it necessary will they fit stents at the same time?

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I had a 75% occlusion of my LAD also and had a pressure test during an angiogram in July. They just want to measure more accurately the extent of blockage by measuring the blood flow either side of it.They do this by giving you some medicine which just makes your heart pound a bit. It wasn’t painful and only lasted less than 5 minutes. I think it’s just a more accurate test. On the subject of stents I think they can stent from this point onwards although it wasn’t the best route of treatment for me. Let me know how you get on.

Thank you for that. Thank goodness they sedate me because I would panic if my heart was pounding. I know they prefer not to stent if the blockage isn't that bad . I know I'd feel a lot safer if they did but we shall see. How long did yours take? Were you in and out the same day? Mine is outpatients but it took hours last time before they could remove the pressure bandage.

Hi It was just a day case. Actual procedure took about 1/2 hour but mine also involved the whole day. Maybe you could talk to them before and tell them how you feel about more stents if needed. I understand that knowing you have had treatment is reassuring. I certainly felt that way.

Thank you. Yes , knowing I have that blockage makes me anxious every time I get breathless or get a pain but I wouldn't want an unnecessary, potentially dangerous procedure

Yes I really understand that. Totally felt the same.Be reassured they will do the best thing for you. The stenting for them is so routine these days and they are so skilled at it. I know that the fear can be overwhelming at times but I was reassured I was in the best of hands and this helped.

Oddly I wasn't at all scared when they did it after the heart attack; maybe they sedated me, I don't remember but it all felt like a dream- probably better because I had no idea what it involved except what I'd seen on TV. Sometimes the less you know, the better.

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