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Heart attack. Stents and clot buster


Hi. Am new to this group. I had my first heart attack in July 2011 and had the first of my stents fitted in my RCA. I was then diagnosed with angina. On August 31st 2017 I went in to have more stents fitted in both my RCA and left artery. Sadly 5 days later I had a heart attack and was blue lighted in to hospital where I had further stents and because of a clot also put on intravenous clot buster drug. I now have 7 stents. At the time my heart function according to the echo was 41%. I have just completed my rehab and have returned to work as a community carer. I do still get breathless and tired very easily. It's been over 4 months does anyone else still feel breathless and tired this long after the event. Thanks for reading.

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skid112Heart Star

Hi nomoney, 14 months post my bypass and yes I still get breathless at times, speak to your GP could also be a side effect of your meds


Nomoney1970 in reply to skid112

Thanks skid112. I have echo and cardiologist appointment next month so will mention it to them.



The first thing to say is that sorting these things out does take time and improving where required any weight, exercise and diet challenges is part of the process.

I would ask your GP if the stents are working. The only way they can truly see this is via another angiogram. I had 3 stents in April following my heart attack and in June, I had another angiogram, potentially for additional stents, and they discovered that my body was rejecting the stents and thus not working (and my EF was also just 40%). I had an inkling this was the case as I felt myself sliding backwards from the initial recovery after leaving hospital and getting less energy and struggling more with exercise and recovery.

The final result was a bypass in November. I now suffer significantly less now than I did then and I am recovering well and able to achieve much more. Things like fluid build up and the need for diuretics is probably now the biggest day to day factor that troubles me.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for your reply David good to hear that things are improving for you.

I have tons of stents and get breathless loads. It’s freaking me out.

I've had 5 stents which were not successful. Countless other issues and 2 double bypass ops in the space of 3 years . Meds do have loads of effects getting the combo right is key to being in better health wise speak to rehab nurses or cardiologists . Having a healthier lifestyle diet and exercise wise is a must .

Kristin1812Heart Star

Hi. Sounds like you’ve come through a lot. I have found that the drug juggling can take a long time after a series of stents. Also, because a HA reduces your hearts efficency, then it’s probably ambitious if you’re expecting to ‘get back to normal’. For me I’ve had to come to terms with a new normal, and that includes pacing myself, a longer build up when taking exercise, still getting breathless up stairs and slopes. pacing myself better, and using a spray when I get angina.

Good luck to you.

Why were you given stents and not CABG? did they say why. I had a stent fitted whilst similar people had CABG. How do they decide which to give?

What is a CABG

Coronary artery bypass graft.

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