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Heart attack still pain


Hi I had a heart attack on 17/03/19 had 4 stents fitted I am walking up to 9000 steps a day walk in morning for 30 mins and 40 mins on night shops in between still get stabbing pains in chest but I think 5his May be due to stents bedding in

Hoping to play golf in another week going to give it ago.I am attending cardio rehab but cannot get an answer if possible to play I am due to go to Turkey in 3weeks to play golf anyone played within 5 weeks

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Hiya, I don't play golf but it sounds like you're overdoing things. It's great that you're able to, but take it easier with the exercise for a while otherwise you can be doing more harm than good. Not sure about travelling abroad yet. Best to ask your GP.

Best wishes.

Hi. I got told to wait at least 12 weeks before playing golf, also sounds like you are walking too much at the moment. I tried the same and kept getting told to follow the plan that the rehab team had set up for me. Hope this helps a little

It's still extremely early to be doing as much as you are. It takes about 3 months for the stents to bed in properly and you are advised no exertion during that time. Slow down and give your body time to recover. The heart attack also caused damage to your heart and that needs to heal.


Hi Judy2208,

It is still very early days for you and your heart is still trying to recover from the whole event. There is no rush - it would be better and safer to gradually build yourself up to walking for 30 minutes and that you are warming up and cooling down each time to prepare your body for exercise and allow it to recover too. This could be the cause of your symptoms.

It would be an idea to check with your GP/ cardiologist or cardiac rehab team about your holiday and playing golf. Your body is still getting used to the medication, so to be in a hot country where you may end up dizzy and lightheaded if you become dehydrated will ruin things for you.

In my experience we used to advise golf players to return very gradually - start off with a few shots at the golf range and then build up to 9 holes and so on...it 's better to be safe than sorry!

Take care,


'Slow down'is the phrase that comes to mind. I was fit and very physically active when I had my heart attack. I was the same as you wanting go get going straight away but the hard fact is you have heal and it takes time , and if you are like me it takes time mentally to accept that the event has happened to you. ( that took me a long time, I pushed myself to hard too soon and it does you no good. Slow and reasonably steady wins the race, mind this advice and you will be back on form.

Heal first, play later would my advice

This is what I was told about golf. On the back swing and the follow through your arm are above your head. This means your heart has to work harder to be able to pump the blood to these parts. This puts the heart under stress it doesn't need. I was advised to reduce me stroke to a 3/4 swing. As to when you can play that would depend on you, your heart and your cardiologist. We are all different. I wasn't allowed to return to my job as it required that I fly regularly. So had to wait 6 months. That was me. We are all different.

I appreciate we are all different but I was strictly advised to do only light home related activities for a full month followed by supervised incremental exercise under the supervision of the cardiac rehab team. In comparison you are, by a huge margin. exceeding the physical restrictions that were placed on me.

It was made clear that regardless of how I felt that I must allow a period of healing etc.

I have to say that I suspect that you are hugely overdoing it and I would be frankly concerned about the 'stabbing' pains.

Judy2208 in reply to NathanBlau

Have just done my second cardio class and they are happy with everything

After 2 hour work out I asked if it was ok to go and walk about 9 holes they said as long as I was just talking it would be ok

NathanBlau in reply to Judy2208

Obviously delighted that are doing are doing well - I suspect t that you are going to do what you plan to do regardless of the opinions expressed here. Most responses have urged some caution, even the BHF nurse, but it does not appear to have given you cause for reconsideration.

Sincere best wishes

Andyman in reply to NathanBlau

I was told to get out walking the next day after being sent home and to slowly increase the distance. This i did. Still here 7 years on. So yes we are all different.


I’m really the last person who should be giving advice, as my world has been turned upside down this last six months. But you are overdoing it a bit! You should slow down a bit. I’m impatient like you but there are good people on here giving you advice. And check your travel insurance before you go to play golf. You may not be entitled to free health care in Europe if Brexit happens. Plus my insurance has gone up to £3000 pa since my health troubles started stay home and rest.

Judy2208 in reply to Andysbird

I have been quoted £198 for annual cover with all details of medication and informed of heart attack and stents

Andysbird in reply to Judy2208

That’s amazing! Which insurance company?

Judy2208 in reply to Andysbird

Stay sure they name was on the British heart foundation list along with saga and others

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