ACD-hole in heart

Over the last 3 years i have become less mobile, out of breath and dizzy spells. After lots of tests over the last 15 months they have told me 14 mm hole in heart.

Abit of a shock to say the least, they tried catheterisation to repair hole but wast possible so sent home later in day. I was told july 4 open heart surgery required and max 6 month waiting list. Had more test and now another issue found with fatty calcium build up in heart too. Going to see surgeon 1st nov so lets see what happends

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  • hi there,

    Sounds as if surgery is the route they are looking to take, make sure you ask any questions you think of beforehand, maybe even write them down to ensure you remember them

  • Thanks for info,fed up of waiting just want it done

  • yep, can relate to that

  • Good luck for next week, hope you get some answers and a date in the diary for your operation. I would spend as much time researching your condition, understanding the surgery offered, and making a plan for your recovery, with the help of the professionals.

    I was born with ASD too, but was operated on when I was very young so it's mostly a non-issue now. I can't imagine having that surgery as an adult, but I imagine the technology has changed drastically since 1991 so maybe it's a lot more straightforward. For example, they put a piece of pig's heart to fill the hole in mine, but I have no idea if that's still a routine process. Keep us posted!

  • Thanks for info and my fingers crossed too

  • Update - surgeon has made it clear hole to large to leave. Abit worrying as booked Mexico April 2018 for our 20th annniversary.would i need special insurance after my operation??

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