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I take Ramipril, and almost every month my prescription is a different manufacturer but always a plastic coated capsules, however this month they are in a very tiny tablet form, orange in colour. Can anyone tell me if the capsule ones are slow release, therefore keeping the pressure even all day, as since taking the tablet form my b/pressure seems higher ?

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Hi bowler..the very best person to ask is the pharmacist where you got the medication. They will be able to tell you the difference - if any - between the capsules and tablets.

It will also give you peace of mind to find out.

There are probably quite a few people on this site who have found out the information, but just thought I would pass on what I have done regarding changes in the format of my medication.

Hope your blood pressure eases. Take care.


Thank you Ktomoph

I have only just started the new tablets [ 2 weeks ago ] I live in a village and our surgery supplies our medication, we are so lucky.

As we only have dispensers in our surgery [ they are not pharmacists ] they seem to have limited experience, however when I am next in town I will go into the chemist and take my tablets with me.

Thank you.


Hello bowler I too take ramipril , comes in various guises made by a variety of manufacturers. I'm afraid I dint know the answer, but I'm dying to find out, literally just picked up a new prescription yesterday so may pop back in


I take 7.5.mgs, of Ramipril the 2.5mgs where capsules but it was the 5mgs that where in tablet form made by " Actavis " they are so small not much bigger than a grain of rice, and there is a groove to cut them if needed into 2.5 mgs ! I kid you not.


Worst blister pack ever as well, mine jump out then a search for it

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Hi strangely enough I asked my pharmacist this question last week, re another drug I take and she said they get told from the NHS what brand to dispense, and that's why they can be different, but they are all the same! Mabe they get special offers lol 😂 x


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