Ramipril to Candesartan

Hi everyone,

Under GP advice, I stopped taking ramipril due to the cough it was causing and have been feeling pretty good over the past 4 months as my other meds settled down. But after seeing a cardiologist last week they have started me on a replacement (Cadesartan 2mg) even though my blood pressure has been very normal.

I’ve only taken one tablet and it’s given me diarohea and lightheadedness. The other side effects are nausea and flu like symptoms which I’ve not got yet. Just wondering if anyone else has experience taking Candesartan and how long it took to get over the side effects?



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  • Hi David

    Can't help regarding Candesartan but I had the same problem with the Ramipril. In my case my GP changed me to Losartan and I didn't have any side effects with that. It does sometimes take a while for the body to adjust to new tablets, but it does sound like you're having a big reaction to it. Would be worthwhile having another chat with your GP, In the meantime might be worth speaking to your pharmacist, as they often are more help than GPs regarding side effects.

    Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon.


  • I have taken Candesartan- a much , much larger dosage than you have been prescribed, for nearly 5 years now and have never had any negative side effects.

  • Thank you. Yes mine will likely increase but they wanted to start me on a lower does initially to see how I get on. Also, my blood pressure is pretty good and they don’t want it to go too low.

    Does your tablets come in boxes of 7? Couldn’t believe it when the pharmacist handed over all these boxes.

  • No I get my tabs in boxes of 28- my scrip renewal period is 8 weeks.

  • Hi, I developed the ramipril cough and my GP switched me to Losartan, coughing stopped and no side effects.

  • Same here, Ramipril caused awful cough, Losartan 12.5mg eventually stopped the cough.

  • Candesartan comes in 2mg 4mg then 8mg and much higher I think up to32mg. I take 6mg so I to get loads of boxes !!. I was on Ramipril and had the cough so switched to Candesartan 8mg which dropped my BP down to a low reading so reduced to 6mg now with very little side effects. I take it as part of the Cocktail for Heart Failure. It is not recommended as a Christmas Cocktail though !!!


    Frank W

  • Thanks Frank, I’m on day 3 of them and have already noticed the drop in BP. It’s not too low but I am experiencing the lightheadedness and diarohea at the mo. Hoping that fades obviously like it did with the other meds I’m on.

  • Meant to add when I leave the Pharmacy on a repeat Prescription day, I get a bag so big it looks like I am going on a picnic with a troop of scouts.

    Frank W

  • Hi David,

    I too take 2mg of candesartan, I swapped from ramipril because ramipril gave me muscle soreness. I can't take more than 2mg because of the low blood pressure. I have had heart failure for about 3 1/2 years and I've always had a bowel problem but don't know which tablet to blame it on.

    I tried taking my tablets at different times to see if this would help but it hasn't. I now take them at night before bed between 12 and 1am, this solved the dizziness problem as the side effects happen while you sleep, hopefully. It does take some getting used to but I feel better taking the tablets at night.

  • Thanks for your reply Howard. I too take it at night for the same reasons. Everything settled down with the others after a week or two so hopefully it will this time too.

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