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A quick update!!

Thanks for the messages thought it would be easier to update here.

As far as physio goes well it was a non starter (sadly) just a quick recap:

I had my bypass op on the 2nd June, was released from hospital (unusually) from the ITU after 4 days because they needed my bed.

On 19th June I had a home visit from the Cardio nurse who said that I was doing okay and they would be in touch re physio assessment and sessions re food, exercise etc.

I was sent a date for physio assessment on 10th August, this was later cancelled. I was eventually sent a new date of 31st August. On that day I had a shower and changed into my gym things. About an hour before my appointment I had a phone call saying the physio had shingles and they would leave me make the decision whether to keep the appointment or not, obviously the answer was not!! They could not give me a date for another appointment.

Well it was now nearly 13 weeks post op and I needed to get back to some form of normality so decided that once I felt well enough I would start working again, I am officially retired but do some assessment for new police recruits on an ad hoc basis.

I was offered some work in Manchester on 18th September and decided that as long as I was up to it I would do it. My work is not manually hard so why not???

Anyway, I felt really well and did the work, in the meantime I get another appointment for the physio assessment for (would you believe it) 21st September which would be about 16 weeks post op IMHO way way way too long after the operation. I decided to phone and cancel and TBH the physio I spoke to didn't seem too bothered ( 1 more off the list) I was told it would be weeks before another appointment was available and I had been offered more work so just decided to come off the list.

I was am still am a bit disappointed by the way I have been treated as apart from the cardiac nurse, the nurses at the 'wound clinic' who dressed and removed my drainage stitches, my GP who gave me pain killers and the DR who discharged me I have not had any on going care and certainly no physio.

I still walk but with the work I have been doing I have found it hard to find the time and the diet has gone to pot.

That is all the negative stuff!!

The new kitchen has caused me stress but it is at last FINISHED!!! I did have the wrong worktops delivered and problems getting the fitters to come back. My American fridge freezer is lush - I just love it!!

My belated 60th party will be on Saturday (anyone near Pontypridd is welcome) and I have a cleaner coming on Friday morning as after the ripping out of the kitchen, my recuperation and working solid for the last month (finished today) I decided a deep clean my someone else was the order of the day - I hate housework anyway :-)

I do have another week of work on 23rd October in Coventry but then I am off to Cyprus on 30th for 2 weeks in a bedroom with pool!!! My first holiday in 2 years and I am so excited, I can't wait!!

The kitchen went way way way over budget (I did actually have a budget in mind)

I have also booked a 2 week break with family in Vegas in March, all now paid for, this will be my 14th trip so also excited about that.

So I am now back to living my life as before, the op was certainly a success as I have no angina pain anymore although I do still take the Beta blockers but nothing else heart related.

I am looking forward to my 2 holidays and Christmas - yes I used the C word ;-)

I have had no further issues with nerve pain, muscular pain or skeletal pain in well over a month so am very optimistic.

I have worked solidly for nearly a month (with weekends off) and yes, I am tired, but I would be tired under normal circumstances so hopefully it is onward and upwards.

I am about to read the other posts and catch up on all the news, new and old.

I hope everyone is doing okay, I really do, I have had my ups and downs but hopefully it's up up up all the way now!!

Hopefully I have attached a picture of my new accessories and the colour scheme of my kitchen just to bore you!!

Love to all!!

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Hi Heather, you've been noticeable by your absence. Dreadful how your rehab has gone or rather not. Your kitchen looks fantastic, glad to hear you are doing so well, enjoy Cyprus am jealous

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Love your kitchen and so jealous your going on holiday but tbh you deserve it as you have been thought alot some health professionals are useless but atleast your better now ❤

Stay strong and positive and enjoy all your holidays & the new kitchen 🙂xx


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Lovely to see part of your fab kitchen. I didn't enjoy the 3 rehab sessions I actually attended. Just found it not to be for me. I just started walking 10-15 minutes and built up from that. Now started the gym 3 X week. The healthy eating they talk about is all on BHF website. I think it's just keep diet to everything in. Moderation. I have really turned a corner after having a holiday in Cornwall recently. If you have any worries or concerns ask GP if you can see cardiologist again as an outpatient. In my area he has agreed to see me annually, or I can contact his secretary and he will call me back.

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Heather you are an inspiration! It cheered me up so much to hear how well you have progressed. I'm 4 and a half weeks post op and been back in hospital for an extra week due to pericardium and pleural effusion and feel so rough. But hearing your positiveness has given me hope that I too will go on holiday soon! Love your kitchen and have a great party. X


Hi Shop girl,I had post op pleurisy post bypass and my kidneys were damaged so my recovery was a bit slower than average., but I felt so rough. I still have fluid on my lung, but I'm better than ever, and Just reached my 6mth since surgery. My holiday was great and I'm booked to go again in March. I think just getting away for a while recharges the batteries.

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Ooh, nice kitchen! Not an ideal path to recovery, but sounds like you are progressing along it nonetheless. Enjoy your party, your holidays (plural!), your kitchen, your deep clean and....Chriiiiiiiiiiistmas! So much good stuff happening :)


Hi the kitchen looks amazing I am wel jel, great to hear the op was a success, just a pity about the after care, have a fab time on all your hols, I am off to tenerife today ☀️ 😎 woohoo, so looking forward to some sunshine, take care and enjoy, char xx


Happy holidays, Char! :)


Oh have a fabulous time 😆


Thanks, at the airport woohoo, so glad to be getting away to the sun xx


Lucky mooooooo!


Aww Heather, I did wonder if you were working hard, I knew it was soon. I sent you a private message as it had been a while. So glad to see your posts again, you've been missed girl 😆

Your kitchen really does look amazing, stunning and beautifully fabulous 👍

Yes if I was you, I would give up on those people who are meant to be helping you. Just do your own thing girl.

Are you doing the swimming and dancing. You don't need them, you'll do just fine on your own.

Wished I did live near you, I would defo turn up to your party.

So I send you my best wishes instead and hope it goes well for you. Have fun entertaining from your new beautiful kitchen.

C ya, Jo 😆

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Thanks all and Chaz1958 (is it your biggie next year?) I hope you are having a fab time - you are missing the weird weather conditions too brought on by hurricane Ophelia. :-(

I will admit to having a bit to many Prosecco based cocktails on Saturday so felt a little delicate yesterday, I am usually the sensible one, but let my hair down, for probably the only time this year!

Still feeling good - well pain free so the recovery seems fine.

I reread my initial post and must have been drunk when I wrote it as of course the place I am staying in Cyprus does NOT have a bedroom with its own pool!!!! I meant a villa!!! How nuts am I.

Stay safe everyone and I hope this hurricane passes you by without incident, it is only in the last 30 - 45 mins that the sky here has lost its yellowness and it has brightened up. I still have the lights on.

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Glad tge party went well and you sound like you had a great time 😁

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