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Two weeks post Op - CRT-D Update

Hi all i just wanted to give an update on how I am doing following my recent op for my CRT - D device which was implanted to help my heart.

Prior to the op I was worried about having the implant. I am a level 2 on the new York scale... meaning I was short of breath... would get tired more easily... but was still holding down a full time job and with some help from my son was feeling that I was coping with the lower heart functioning. I had been told however that I was at high risk of SDS (Sudden death syndrome!)

However I was scared of having the implant... the potential issues/complications and was also scared of the defibrillator. It's fair to say I was quite low prior to my op... both worrying about my health and the op.

So here I am two weeks later.. ... and WOW I cannot express enough how much different I feel already!

I have realised that although I felt I was coping... I have realised now how much I was struggling compared to how I feel now! I walk to the shops without getting short of breath. I can do so much more without feeling exhausted and drained. I also am not constantly feeling my heart bumping and kicking.... in fact most of the time I don't feel my heart. And that... I have realised is what people without heart issues experience.

What this has meant to me emotionally is that I am not in a constant state of worry.... I feel released and so worry free. It's an amazing feeling. Due to my heart coping so much better it has stopped my concerns about the defibrillator going off.

I was worried also about the practicalities of being without my driving licence.... however I have caught a bus... It was surprisingly easy and even a simple phone app gave the time of when the bus would actually arrive so could leave home get to the bus stop just as it arrived. It was good fun... and I will be using the bus even when I am back driving. It's much cheaper than car parking ... and easier. I am lucky that where I live that this is to hand (I appreciate not everyone has this facility) but if you do have it.... use it πŸ˜€

So even the things I was worried about or not looking forward to have actually been a positive experience.

I have been very sensible in these first two weeks... keeping the wound covered for the first week... doing my arm exercises... and took it easy in the first week... and no picking anything up with my left arm. All of this I am sure has helped me mend quickly. I am now going back to work tomorrow. I am again being sensible having a staged back to work plan. My GP was happy to write a sick note for next week which states I must only work 9 to 3pm.

I wish I had known how fabulous and life changing this device would deliver for me.... I would have ran into the operating theatre πŸ˜€.

For anyone who is awaiting this op I hope your post op recovery is as fabulous as mine.

Happy Thursday all


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Hi Karen fantastic news, thank you so much for sharing

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That is fantastic news, what a great result.

I am so glad you are now on the up. It is so lovely to hear such a positive outcome.

(Well done you) πŸ˜†

Happy hugs are sent to you.

Enjoy work tomorrow, J πŸ˜ƒ

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Thank you both. I know it is still early days...but has genuinely been life changing... and I had been so worried before.... just wanted to share for anyone else going through this. And happy weekend all xx

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Hi Heartlady1 πŸ’“

That's a lovely positive post πŸ˜€

Just in case you don't know it's worth looking into a temporary free bus pass. My local authority provide free bus passes for those who can't drive for medical reasons. Yours may too. So even more of a positive while you are car-less. πŸ‘

Spatz76 x

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Wow thanks Spatz.... I didn't know that. Will definitely look into that. Let the adventures begin πŸ˜€ x

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That's great, Karen! :) hope you have a lovely weekend

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