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Only just joined had a major H/A in May of this year which scared the wits out of me since had a pacemaker fitted in September. Seems to be working fine but quite nervous about taking a long haul flight to The States as my first follow up post procedure is not till later this month. Happy with using most electrical appliances and mobile phone etc, only thing that probably makes me feel anxious is we do have an induction hob.

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Spatz76 had lots of good advice about travelling with device in this thread -

Good luck with everything :)

hello indian7462...

I have a CRT- D device fitted and also wondered about the induction hobs. On research I looked at the 'pacemaker club' site online as someone was asking what happens. There is an excellent description/answer - - from someone technical that knows!

Excellent reading to understand and basically, bottom line, he says - DONT lean across them. DONT turn the hob on until you place a pot atop the hob and then turn it off before you remove the pot. So basically stay back when its on.

He also states that these devices are intentionally built so that magnetic energy does NOT escape from the hob-pot combination - energy efficiency and cost effectiveness!

And as for your travel plans - please read spatz76 post about her trip to Spain. Not such a long haul as yours but it does suggest that airports and staff are pretty good with pacemaker wearers. And of course you can talk to your airline about your plans to get the correct advice.

Have a great trip - both with your holiday and with life!

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Pacemaker Club is a great source of info, I always find. Good recommendation! :)

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Hiya is it something I should join when I get my icd fitted? I read up on the other device I mentioned to you, it seems a really good gadget!! My biggest worry is it getting it where it has to go 😲 char x

laura_dropstitchHeart Star in reply to Hidden

I haven't checked Pacemaker Club in a while, but I got quite a lot of answers and info in the first year or so. Don't think I ever joined up (?) just searched existing threads and always found what I needed. Definitely worth checking out.

I'm with you on the Cardiomems, I think. What is not to like? Other than the getting it in there, as you say! 😐

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I will have a look, I will have a few questions for them, about holidays etc, but it def seems to have a lot of plus points, oh if they could just magic it into place, #thefearaftertheangiogram xx

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Hi Chaz it was a pacemaker i had fitted. No problem what so ever slightly different gadget to what you are having but procedure is the same. Painless not like going to the dentist only advise i would give when being prepped for the procedure ask for a little something to calm you down i.e. injection. My cardiologist said to me no problem and a sensible request to make. You will be fine

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Thanks very much for your reply, always easier to listen to the people that have had it done, I haven't got a date yet but the cardiologist implied it would be very soon! I was hoping there would be a waiting list that would make it the beginning of next year, as we are going to Spain for new year, but when I told him that he said it would be done and should be fine to go! Obviously I will just have to get it done when he says, as it's def an extra insurance policy for me x

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