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First holiday after surgery?

As some of you already know I had planned a 60 day trip to Australia/NZ earlier this year to celebrate my 60th birthday which is in September. Unfortunately I was advised not to go so had to cancel, luckily the insurance paid up without any problems.

My friend and I decided that we would take a cruise when I had recuperated to ease myself into holidays gently which made sense. We had decided to do a cruise only from Southampton and even picked the one we fancied (leaving the end of October for 12 days)

2 days after being told I was officially discharged and could go on holiday I had a bit of a relapse, I felt awful and was in a lot of pain, but it eased after a week + but it has made me very apprehensive about booking a holiday in advance.

As my friend was over last weekend (from Somerset) we had a little chat and have decided to wait till I felt better and then just book, no waiting in case of problems.

We have found that there are Easyjet flights from Bristol to loads of places and I thought of a 2 bed, 2 bath villa accommodation with its own pool so I could expose my scar to the world :-D

Where did people go on their first holiday after holiday? How long did you wait? Was there any issues?

Just curious as I am changing my mind daily although not ready to book anything yet I do need a break.

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Hi Heather, I went in February, 3 months post op, just for a weekend in Spain with some friends who we were supposed to go with in November. Everyone was nervous except for me I was tired so i slept on the plane. Been a couple of times since and going again in 12 days. Have been advised not to overdo the sun in the scar, oh and dont forget your meds


Thanks for the info - I gather no issues on the flights? As my friend has visitors from Australia early Oct and we don't want to go over half term it is likely to be the very end of October which will be 5 months post op.

The slight relapse has made me more nervous than I was but hopefully by the time we go I will feel more confident.


no issues on the flight, I understand your unease due to your setback, are you 'back to where you were' pre that?

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Near enough although I think the issue did have something to do with driving as when I drive I get some problems, nothing like that time as I was also ill, but the pain is similar but it is getting easier. I am more prepared for it now.

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I am glad to hear that, always helps knowing how and when it occurs too gives some comfort

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