Not been on for a while as my DVT has been giving me lot of trouble. It now stretches from above the knee to the abdomen,although my abdomen itself is not effected. I was sent to A&E by my GP, where I was given blood and other tests which came back abnormal so I had an injection in my stomach and admired as a day patient when it was found. I am now on blood thinning tablets and in the care of my own doctor who said the swelling may not start to go down for 3weeks or more. That was a week ago and, I can barely walk, my left leg from the toes to the groin is twice the size of the other leg , very red/blue and I'm in so much pain when I walk around the house but, I try to move about every hour and keep it elevated as I've been advised. I'm at the GP on Monday for pain relief as Paracetamol are not helping and hopefully a support stocking .

So as with the wound infection which you will be pleased to know eventually cleared up last week, any advice on DVT as this time I really am struggling.

Thanks Joan

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  • Or even admitted as a day patient !

  • Oh my, I am so sorry to hear about it. No advice sorry just hope you get it sorted soon take care


  • Thanks Mark are you doing ok ?

  • Doing good touch wood, ty

  • Poor you. I was thinking about you. When is your son's wedding? I hope things will improve soon. You must be so fed up. Keep your chin up. Margaret

  • Thanks Margaret. Wedding 3 weeks today and told it may no be possible to go. Taking a day at a time and if I could just make the ceremony it would be something. X

  • I'm so sorry to hear that, you were doing so well. As you say, take one day at a time, your health is most important. I'm sure the professionals are doing their best for you, but keep on at them. I've got everything crossed and will be thinking of you. I hope you and your husband managed to celebrate your birthdays. Good luck. M x

    P.S.. I've still not got a date. I can see it being over Christmas!

  • Any news for you yet and, how are you keeping x

  • Hi I am really sorry to hear that, I hope you are on the mend soon, keep us posted take care x

  • That sounds awful. I hope you make it to the wedding. Stay positive and keep doing all you can to mend, you can't do much else. (And I much preferred thinking you were admired as a day patient, I'm sure you were really! ;) )

  • 😂😂😂 Thank you.

    GP tomorrow for pain relief, think I have quite a high pain threshold but this I'm sure should not be this bad. Will let you know

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