Been a bit tied up with more issues!

So the post CABG recovery is still proving to be a bit of a slog. I spent some time dealing with acute pains in my left shoulder, neck, arm.. that settled and now I've pain in my right shoulder! I was already recovering from muscle and tendon problems after reacting badly to Ciprofloxacin 2 years ago so it's not like I was fit and healthy before all this. It is making trying to exercise and strengthen my body slow and difficult as I easily tweak muscles etc... plus I have 3 bulging discs in my lower back which I'm concerned about tweaking.

Sleep is still a problem with anywhere from 2 to maybe 5 hours on a good night. Still can't get comfortable in bed and laying on my back is getting a bit tedious.

I'm due to start cardio rehab next Friday for 6 weeks, tbh I'm not physically in great condition so I'm hoping this won't be a waste of time.

Anyway, the other issue of concern is a lump that's developed in my left breast between the chest and armpit. It may be a lymph node or something but the GP has referred me to the cancer clinic Monday to get it checked, not what you need 5 weeks post CABG! Keeping my fingers crossed it's something less sinister.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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  • Hi ccwh, the rehab will be at your pace so don't be worried about that, yes they will try and push you, that's what it's about to show you what you can do but tell them about your other issues as well as you will get a chat with one of the nurses before you start. Hopefully it will ease some of your problems.

    fingers crossed for Monday and getting the all clear

  • I know exactly how you feel, I have had so much muscular/nerve pain especially on my left side that it has really brought me down. I am getting very angry that it will be 13 weeks between operation and me seeing a physio that I have decided to tel them exactly how I feel about it. NHS cuts will not cut it as far as I am concerned. If I couldn't be seen then they should have at least have given me an exercise list and advice list. I am trying not to get too annoyed as I am sure that won't be good for me. 13 weeks after the op seems far to late in the game to start Physio, I am hoping to start doing some work then.

    Anyway it sounds awful for you with so much going on I can understand why it's all getting too much, you are bound to be worried about the biopsy but let's hope it is nothing too sinister.

    Try and keep strong as hard as it must me and let us know how it is all going.

  • I agree Heather, 13 weeks is not acceptable. Partly, I think you also need the reassurance that you are doing OK. Have you Ang them to ask why there has been a delay? There is no excuse it is suppose to be part of the healing process.

  • I haven't phoned them but I have a little speech in my head ready for when I have my appointment,

  • Hi Heather,

    Don't know if this might help, but been prescribed a cream to rub on my scar it is only available on prescription and cardiologist said it doesn't work for everyone, but it's worth a try. My goodness it's taken the sting out of my scar area. It's called Capsaicin.

  • Thanks worth knowing :-)

  • SDon't do rehab if you feel unwell. This can be delayed until you start to feel better.

  • I kind of feel I need some guidance and direction so don't want to miss that. My physical health is going to take months to improve unfortunately and I can't wait until next year for cardio rehab. I think I'll just have to take a punt and explain my situation, they must have people with all levels of fitness and health problems other than heart I would imagine.

  • There are people with different levels of fitness, so it doesn't matter what level you are at. I spoke to my cardiologist yesterday and he said there is no set time of recovery. Everybody is different. post op my kidneys started to fail so I spent extra time in ITU then spent just over a month in hospital and developed pleurisy soon after being discharged and ended up back in hospital. I felt totally drained and it's only recently that I have started walking further each day. I still have pleurisy so at the moment I cannot walk up inclines. One thing that the cardiologist did say if you can't say a sentence when your walking then you must stop and rest. This is one thing they monitor you for at rehab. Treadmill at your own pace, but saying a sentence while your on it. The thing to remember is this is a huge life changing event that you have been through and it's going to take sometime before you start to feel better, like me and others on here also say they have good days and then not so good days. So for you who has suffered even more may take some smaller steps to get there. Hope this helps.

  • Sounds like you've been through the wringer as well. What were your indications for pleurisy. I'm still getting out of breath and also noticed a weird wheezy sensation under my left ribs when I take a deep breath. That's only started today really but I've had ad hoc pains under the left rib for a while.

  • Very similar symptoms side of rib cage and left shoulder and breathless. I still have sharp pain when I breathe in, but I have been to physio who gave me breathing exercises and told me to try and sit up straight as I was crouching to avoid the pain. Pleurisy is a common side affect of the CABG. I just went to casualty and told them my symptoms had X-ray which showed shadow then had a CT which confirmed the pleurisy, been told it can take months to clear. I think I got it because I was so sick post op and couldn't cough so maybe see your GP the least they can do is X-ray. And a course of antibiotics, but it could be that you have it. I just had to rest more, but rehab would not allow me to exercise while I was so breathless. Hence, if you don't feel great it can impact on your recovery. But go to first rehab and tell them about your situation as they can also fast track and refer you to cardiologist to get checked over.

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