Daft scar question

I had my surgery on 2nd June and apart from a small issue with one of the drainage stitches it hasn't been a real problem. Yes the area around it does get very tight and I have been pouring Bio oil over the area surrounding the scar and on the scar itself now for some weeks.

What I haven't been able to do is actually touch the scar with my hand. I use the shower to wash it and pat it dry with a towel and pour the oil without touching it.

Am I the only person to feel like this? I am really not usually a squeamish person and really feel it's important I accept the scar as part of my body (a bit ott I know) but if anyone else felt like this how did you deal with it.

I have bought some surgical gloves from e bay in readiness but how did others do it or wasn't it an issue?

I said it was a daft question. 😋

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  • Yes I felt like that initially first few weeks them gradually got used to touching it

  • Hi Heather - just about the tightness in your scar...have you asked for some stretching exercises? One of the issues people can have is that the pain/discomfort from their open heart surgery causes them to hunch over slightly. This means that tissue starts to heal more in this position and when you try to sit more straightly it can feel tight.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care,


  • Thanks Chris that is a very likely explanation for the tightness as I do find myself hunching over (I think it is a subconscious way of protecting the injury) I see the physio on the 31st so will ask him/her then - thanks.

  • As a follow up to above, the area around my scar is still numb, it doesn't cause me any trouble but will this always be the case or will the feeling come back?

  • 4 months on from my surgery and the feeling is nearly totally back, allthough sometimes i wish it would go numb again because the sensitivity i find is sometimes more uncomfortable than when it was numb, hope this helps☺

  • I am nearly 3 months down the road and I 'think' I can feel more - I do know what you mean by the sensitivity being uncomfortable as mine is the same.

  • I know exactly what you mean when you say you 'think' you can feel more lol, well 'think' no more, id say that thats the feeling returning because it was around a month ago since my numbness started to go and its almost totally gone now☺

  • The feeling will return, numbness for me lasted quite a while around the scar and on the left hand side of my chest

  • Thanks, it isn't bothering me but I did wonder if this was a permanent thing.

  • I hate touching my scar, so I avoid it as much as possible. However, I rub in bio oil as nurse recommended to help with stimulating the nerves. I hate the numbness though, but I also feel like I'm carrying a brick in my chest. Again like you I have hot burning feeling right across the scar and the surrounding area. I don't even like looking at it never mind touching it. I just hope in time I will come to terms with it.

  • I have been a coward and have just poured the oil on the scar til now, I think I will start off using the surgical gloves to rub it in, it is my body I know but I agree it is probably the numbness that makes it worse. I don't mind looking at it as I think whoever stitched it up did a good job. :-)

  • Certainly not a daft question Heather, i had my surgery in April and have been wondering when/if the sensitivity will go away, i have asked docs, physio, cardio nurses but very vague answers ie. 'different for different people' etc. It only bothers me while im driving because the seatbelt is really uncomfortable because my around my scar is still very sensitive to touch, my friend had bypass surgery 4 years ago and he said that seatbelts still irritates his scar on long drives so going by that im thinking its a case of 'suck it up' lol.☺

  • I too get some discomfort from the seat belt as well as some clothing which is why I tend to wear v necks or lower cut tops. My scar area is still quite numb but it is like pins and needles to touch.

    It isn't the end of the World when you take all things into account but I guess I will have to work with it when it comes to clothing.

    I still have a way to go to reach 4 years so yes, I had better 'suck it up' too, LOL!

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