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Afternoon wise ones,

I have a question about scarring post bypass op. 8 months (less two days) in I still have a raised red scar with what feels like a swollen mass of tissue at the bottom of my scar. I also have a few raised bumps which are feel like the metal from the ties at certain points either side of my scar. I work and wear a shirt, sometimes a tie, and at the end of every day my scar is very sore to the touch. I was referred to a plastic surgeon two months ago but was told my scar was too young to do anything to and to massage it three times a day, in my morning shower, when i come home from work with bio oil, and just before bed with moisturiser, to ease the sensitivity. This I have attempted to do but it has had little effect, and to be honest post work it really is painful. i was wondering if anyone else has had this happen and if anyone has any tips.


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Hi Skid,

Possibly Sensitive Keloid Scar Sternal Wire Bumps. I haven't had this, but I met a guy at rehab who had it sounds very much like you are describing. He had surgery on his, but not sure what kind of surgery he had, maybe something you can reseaech on net. Hope this may help.

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My scar is still relatively new and I think they have made a good job of it.

The flesh around it is still very sensitive, it is still quite numb but I don't see any 'swollen mass' around it.

Clothing does make it extra sensitive especially the top part and will probably suffer a bit when do some work.

Is there any way you can ask to wear something not so fitting as a shirt and tie?

I use the bio oil before bed too as the area around my chest can feel very very tight but if yours is worse than that you may need to see someone who is a specialist about this.

Good luck.


Thanks Heather, for the most part a tie is optional. We have a relaxed dress code from tomorrow until end of August so I'll take advantage of that. I shall go back to my GP and make a general nuisance of myself

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Mine is still red post 12 months also raised but not that sensitive was recommended to use demo 500 cream similar to e45 but soaks fully in this helped me out and still use every so on


Thanks, sounds like a plan to try


Yes you should go back to your Gp. My opp was the same time as yours.

It has still got a little bit of what seems like spare puffy tissue at the bottom. But it isn't uncomfortable in anyway.

It hasn't been sore for months. And in fact, unless someone really look, they would probably not evan notice it.

Could it possibly be infected???


Thanks Sina, yes I have that puffy bit too. The top two inches is healing very nicely and looks like a normal scar, the rest, well as stated before. I will go and see my GP


At the end of the day, the oils arn't really any better than the good old mosturisers.

Yes I was wondering, is it sweating or weeping at all? Do you keep it dry?

I do think it need attention though, so glad you are going to Gp :)


not sweating or weeping, the first two inches have behaved like a scar, if that makes sense, a white skin area with stitch marks. the rest is raised, angry red and sore to the touch. The puffy bit at the end is always swollen by the end of the day, sounds ghastly haha. I am a member of a Facebook group for heart attacks/disease and a few on there have had follow up surgery to the scar area and metal ties, something I have an insane wish to avoid currently


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