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Low EF

Hi, my first visit here but wondered if anyone can offer any advice of a similar situation. My husband has just had a triple bypass. The surgery was very successful and heart rate and blood pressure are now all stable. However they have now said his EF is really low (10) and while they are happy to wait a few weeks to see if this improves, he may need an ICD fitted. I am struggling to understand what this will mean to his general prognosis and also what we could do to improve his EF? I am ensuring he is eating really well, minimal alcohol, and trying to encourage walking. I suppose I am just frightened for the future and don't want to say that to him and start him worrying as that could hamper his recovery from surgery. Any advice anyone can offer would be brilliant, I just need my own little community where I can talk openly x

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Hello leaandlinda, welcome to the group. I'm guessing the reason they will wait is to see the outcome of the bypass. My own was low for just a few days post op then normalised but this was while in hospital. It could be that it will normalise on it's own but if not a ICD will help. Walking and a low level of exercise should be encouraged but expect him to be tired and to tire easily, has he been to cardio rehab as of yet or have a date to begin? This will help and I'd encourage you to join him there too. Sounds like you are doing all the right things already.

We're here to help and offer advice plus sharing our own experiences


Thank you for your reply, great to talk to someone other than the doctors. I know they are the experts but sometimes you need to speak to others who have been through similar situations. We are awaiting the appt for rehab, but will definitely take part, I do have to say lea is really good in terms of doing as much as he can to help himself. Speak again soon!


That's really good, but don't be afraid to tell him to rest if you think he is overdoing it, that part is a massive learning curve


My knowledge of this is 0 - having Googled this I know 'some' bits and pieces. When you say his EF is 10 do you mean 10%?

You are both bound to be anxious about this but at least the medical people are aware and have a plan B if it doesn't correct itself.

I hope nature kicks in and does its thing if not try not to worry about it. You seem to be doing everything you can the rest is up to his body.


Hi, yes I did mean 10%, which is clearly severely low. We are trying to do everything to encourage an increase and just have another 2 weeks until lea is reviewed.

Everything crossed for his body to kick in.

Thank you for replying, much appreciated!


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