Anxious..mitral valve replacement on 14th august but started with a bronchiectasis flare up.i really give up 😢😢

Feeling up and down about my op anyway, mum is 71 and is not very well..copd with a chest infection..i do try and care for her to the best of my bronchiectasis flaring up so i am very worried about surgery as the valve i am having is mechanical and so frightened 😢as i know it can interefere with the valve.i am never clear of infection.anyone got any advice please?

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  • No advice sorry but lots of positive vibs coming your way. Maybe you need to speak to a health professional about this.

  • Thank you

    I have my pre op assessment on Monday,this is just part of my life now infection then clears for about a week

    So frightened x

  • Its normal to be frightened, it's a huge worry but honestly we have some of the world's best surgeons, they are pioneers in the field and you are in the best hands

  • Hi there Dazzler, the surgery you are going to have has been performed countless times, the surgeon knows what they are doing. Like most surgery it will take you time to recover but recover you will and you'll be back better than ever.

    Your bronchiecstatis I dont know too much about but your surgeon and the hospital will be well aware of your condition, when you go in Monday I would talk to them about your fears and I'm sure they will be able to allay them.

  • Hi dazzler. What a great name. You will dazzle again soon! Sounds like you've got soooo much to deal with just now. Try to relax, get the mechanicals done, give yourself up to the professionals. You'll need all your own energy after, for recovery.

    You are still you in there.......

  • Fear is a natural reaction, infection also makes us anxious and the concerns about caring responsibilities are compounding the impact. In life we have a choice to run and hide or to get stuck in.

    When we have to trust someone else's skill and opinion, the only things we see appear to be massive.

    Some would say look at the rational but the personally as a writer and researcher I can find all the information published on a subject and yet I still rely on my relationship with my consultant.

    Use Monday pre-op assessment to reinforce the trust and let your fighting instinct take over. The fear doesn't go but the mental approach makes it tolerable.

  • Very good advice..thank you

    I never saw my surgeon at pre op but they know i am not 100% it will have to clear up first so have 6 days to get this done.

    Was good to see where i will be afterwards,the staff seem very caring so has reassured me..i just don't trust my body,my bronchiectasis is awful with infections.

  • Hi Jenny

    It is only natural to be anxious but I am sure that you will feel better after your pre op tomorrow, I know that I found it very helpful.

    Perhaps you could write a list of things that are worrying you and ask any questions you need to.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


  • Hi there,

    Yes i did do that and they want me as tip top as i can be but they do understand my infections..said it does need to clear so have 6 days to do it x

  • Hi Dazzler

    Firstly I just wanted to say I totally get being terrified. Just had surgery for something else and I was petrified. I managed it by making it clear tothe staff looking after me that I was and I explained why. Doing this helped a bit as it meant that I had control of that. They were very understanding and even got my surgeon to come speak to me between surgeries on the day as I'd got very upset and was able to be reassured.

    Make sure you tell them at your pre op how you're feeling and why. Ask them if they can suggest anything that may help and also ask any and every question you have. Don't feel or think you can't hun because that is your time to do it. Yes the docs and other staff are hugely experienced but that doesn't mean you don't have a right to be terrified, nervous or anything else. The good thing is they'll have lots of experience treating people who are feeling the same way and so highly likely will be able to really allay at least some of your concerns or fears.

    Also, if it would help, Ask to be walked through the places you'll be so you are familiar with them. They may not be able to accommodate this physically but they would be able to do it verbally.

    I've no doubt you will sail through it and come out stronger and healthier than now but it is incredibly easy for anyone else to say this and it sound patronising or something. I do however send you hugely positive vibes and hope you are able to get some reassurance today.

    Wishing you lots of luck and positive vibes 😊

  • Aww thank you so much

    I have had pre op today,a real strange day as alot of waiting but the staff were really good.oh i never said how terrified i actually am but they knew i was feared.

    I have a slight chest infection and has to clear up so that was bothering me.

    Have seen CICU and HDU today and was better for that.

    Having a couple of days away with my daugter so hoping that helps me switch off.

    Thank you for your words

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