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Things seem to be getting worse

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I would welcome any advice as I am a newbie. I hadn’t had psoriasis to my knowledge. My dad had mild psoriasis. I was treated for 4 years with steroids after PMR diagnosis. Eventually I stopped steriods but was left with a problem stiff swollen knee, shoulder stiffness and weakness and slightly swollen two fingers. By time I saw consultant my ESR was going up.. he saw erythema in my scalp and diagnosed PsA.

I have been taking Methotrexate for 6 weeks, with minimal problems but my knee is getting worse. I didn’t expect it to get better but I am concerned that it’s now double the size of my other, difficult to move or bend and is impacting on me getting up from a sitting position, stairs and general walking. Had an x ray this week which show slight wear and tear but I am 56 so that seems normal. I did it painful when I lie in bed and it just feels warm and sore.

I have done a self referral to physiotherapy but I don’t know if this is a flare and what I should be doing to help it!

Sorry post is so long. Any advice welcome

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You mention being on DMARDS although not sure you have PsA. Sore joints in knees etc, Have they confirmed you small joints and Tendons are PsA. or is it because your Father has the complaint. Remember yes you will suffer swollen joints that can flair.. Would it be an idea to take B12 and D3 for joints etc.. Whatever you do you will have flares even when you have RA, I take the two vits B12 injections every twelve weeks it does help even though my skin is flaring and bleeding at this time. I cannot take DMARD medications


It will take some time for the methotrexate to work to its full extent, if it does. In the meantime then things may get worse before they get better .

I also have PsA with my Dad having the psoriasis and me getting the arthritis . Bit of a rubbish hand me down :).

Hope your meds start working soon .

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