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Skyrizi (Risankizumab) biologic

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I have been taking methotrexate for about 15 years, initially with some success. I was briefly put on Cyclosporin for a flare up but came off due to high blood pressure and went back to methotrexate. In late 2020 it was apparent that it was not improving the psoriasis and was changed to Acertretin (awful side effects). As a result I was changed to Skyrizi.

This requires injections at weeks0, 4 and every 12 weeks thereafter. I have now had injections at weeks 0 & 4 and already I have no plaques, no itching and no discomfort and my skin is 70% clear - the only remaining areas are scars from earlier flare ups.

I appreciate that every person has different effects from medication but I thought some good news might be appreciated in these difficult times.

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Yeah.... Im on Cosentyx with very good results as well. Do you self inject? Is it a pre-filled pen injection?

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Thanks for your reply. Weeks 0 & 4, I self injected with a nurse just overseeing what I was doing. In future I will be doing it on my own. Each injection is two phials of 75 mg which I inject into the top of my leg.

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So you have to fill your syringe for yourself? I have and 2 injector pens I have to put into my upper thigh (preloaded with meds).

You right Acertretin was the worse medication ever!

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