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Vitamin D deficiency & worsening Psoriasis link? :(

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Hi 😊 3 weeks ago after blood tests,I was told that I have a high Vitamin D deficiency,so am currently taking a really high dose to hopefully regulate levels. Im unsure how long I have been this deficient? (As I have another Autoimmune Disease that presents similar symptoms to Vitamin D deficiency) But for the last 2 years my Psoriasis has now,in patches, taken over the majority of skin on my legs,feet,ankles & the patch on my hip is like a dinner plate size! Also it has crept onto my hands :( & I'm finding little 10p size pieces on my upper arms now & along my hairline at the back of my scalp..before this luckily only my knees, feet & elbows have been affected & scalp when I was much younger, I could control this & luckily it hasn't been tooo bothersome (I've coped with Psoriasis since the age of around 12 yrs old,I'm now 48 ) but I'm finding this spreading/worsening over the last 2 years worrying :(

Do you think the Vitamin D deficiency has anything to do with the spreading/worsening?

I'm hoping my supplements kick in soon,I've noticed some improvements on joint pain & slight mood change, but my Psoriasis is as dry as a desert & not yet improving? I'm unsure if there is a link between the two? :(

Thank you in advance for any insights πŸ€—

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I have similar problems however in my case I have PsA as well as Ps. I am seventy now and had problems since a car accident in the 1970s.

My GP has prescribed B12 injections every twelve weeks and a high dose Vitamin D3 Tablets twice a day it all seems to be helping me,

My other problem I am developing Diabetes two and my skin now seems to bleed amongst the the Psoriasis itself, so I can be sitting watching television and my legs start to bleed. So now I sit without trousers because of staining.

I am also taking Opiate medications for joint pain and NSID Cox 2 anti=inflamatories with a whole lot of other drugs to control my conditions.

One thing that may help your PS is to try Goat Milk and Honey soap that helps keep the skin moist and breaks down scabs when showering. The same applies to bath and shower, I also use Parmolive/Honey Shower Jell/Bath Jell it has a nice smell and contains an is very moist. Some of the honey and Goat Milk Soap comes with/without Oats. That also clears a good amount of dead skin


Thank you for taking your time out to reply & tell your PsA & Ps story :) you sound extremely brave with the amount of uncomfortable pain you suffer with daily :( I'm sorry to hear that .

Bizarrely, coincidentally, I too was in a car accident, at the age of 12 I was hit by a car,broke my pelvis, that was lucky considering what could have happened! It's funny because the largest patch of Ps on my hip, is on the same side I took the car impact & also I developed the Ps firstly at 12 yrs old, same year as that car accident. Definitely trauma triggered hey!

The Goats Milk & honey sounds really soothing,& the heads up on the shower gel too, I will try that out :) thank you..I hope your pain gets more tolerable without the need for opiates very soon, ..takecare & Thankyou 😊

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