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Anyone had similar to this picture?


My son was diagnosed with scalp Psoriasis approx 2 years ago and has the odd angry patch of skin, which is normally easy to treat. However he started last November with a patch on his leg that stayed small, not too much bother to him until 2 weeks ago it got out of control. The GP first decided it was impetigo and treated with 2000mg a day antibiotics. The weeping eventually stopped and they have now decided it is actually a “dermatitis/psoriasis type thing” (that was GP’s words).

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This looks like a very inflamed patch of psoriasis .... the weeping is from scratching and rubbing from pants or socks should be bandaged and allowed to heal.

I’ve suffered with Psoriasis covering 85% of my body for past 46yrs Im turning 50 soon “ouch”!

Stop messing around with GP take him to the Dermatologist. I also see small breakouts on his leg.

Lisa17 in reply to Batty1

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately when I called dermatology they have discharged him so I’ll need to go back to GP and have him re-referred.

Batty1 in reply to Lisa17

He should be permanently under the care of a Derm.....Psoriasis can clear up but most of the time for most people they don’t and his leg has some start up spots.

Is he currently using meds on the psoriasis?

Just eumovate twice a day for 3 weeks, I can’t seem to attach another pic to let you see it now, it’s left him with a burn type scar and purple looking

Batty1 in reply to Lisa17

The purple or brown color scar is how Psoriasis heals it never fully goes away ...,but I would take purple or brown mark over inflamed skin any day!

I had a patch like that on my elbow as a child (I'm now 39) Once it's open and weeping you have to be careful about infection. Definitely get a referral back to a dermatologist. I ended up with a made to order prescription cream of emoluments, steriod and antibiotic. My mum used to buy non stick dressing pads and tubefast (a lightweight bandage) to cover mine else I'd stick to my clothes and bedding. Maybe speak to a pharmacist about what you can use to protect the area.

Thank you for replying, it’s currently dried up but I’m terrified it goes back to square one. I did consult a pharmacist to begin with until I could have him seen by GP. He wasn’t very helpful. The GP said not to dress it and leave it open, I disagreed as it left it open for infection so think I need to have him back under dermatology to get proper accurate advise, should he have this again in the future. It’s all new to me, I had eczema as a child but nothing like this. Many thanks for your advise.

Mine flared up and down in cycles for years, drying up then re opening but it did get infected originally. Many GP's are not clued up about skin problems and say everything is eczema. Hope you get your referral sorted soon!

Did you get severe headaches with it? And mouth ulcers? And generally feeling unwell. My son does, I’m assuming it’s linked to Psoriasis

I do get mouth ulcers when my body is run down, which can often be when psoriasis flares up. My recent dermatologist said that anything that is perceived as an injury by the body either physical or stress can cause an attack. I had surgery for another condition about 18mths ago and since then my skin has flared up again. Also beware of him getting sunburnt as mine invades any patches of sunburn now as well.

Oh he burns badly, he’s very fair. Many thanks for your help much appreciated.

I get psoriasis outbreaks from injuries....also known as Koebners phenomenon .

Lisa17 in reply to Batty1

Oh I’ve not heard of that, will have a look thank you.

I didn't know there was a proper name for it. Thanks.

If this is Psoriasis, it is inflamed and it needs to be seen by a Dermatologist.

I have PsA and scaring on my legs and it has never looked as angry and infected like this.

What type of socks are you wearing.

What have you been using on this sore


Get some colloidal silver bandages and colloidal silver ointment. You can find both on Amazon. It’s what wound doctors use to speed healing and prevent infections in wounds that won’t heal.

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