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Does anyone have tips for treating psoraisis?


I have random patches of psoraisis that dont seem to be responding to the 1% hydrocortisone cream I've been using. It is ages until a GPs appointment comes through. Does anyone out there know of any way of alleviating the symptoms?

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I have now had it go about three years and there is not a set way to help symptoms and everyone responds differently. Best is keep it moisturized. Coconut oil, heavy creams , Vaseline is often a godsend. If it’s very itchy antihistamines sometimes help and cold packs. Doll showers limited time I’m the water, oatmeal soaps or good mosuturizing ones. For me staying away from any products with dyes or fragrance too since those can be irritating to the skin. Those are a few things to help you through. Until you see your doctor. I’ve been on a few meds now including biologics and have yet to find one that works well for me. It’s a long journey but hopeful we will find something that works. Mine is prodominatly on my hands and feet with itching, burning, peeling, cracking, flaking, and bleeding hard to walk some days it’s so painful from the splits and cracks. I hope that helps and good luck!

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Thank you for those tips Tmarie57. I'll certainly cut down on the time I'm in the shower and have a go at some of your other suggestions. A lot to think about. I have a feeling that it might be developing on my feet too. I'm refusing to look at the moment because the thought of it is too worrying! x

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Great post, Tmarie57!

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Hi, Tmarie, snap, I have been in a particularly bad flare since 08th March, this year, when I had an operation on my hand for release of nerve and carpal tunnel release, I realised what was happening that very night, The pain was awful, I took my meds and that did not touch it, so by the next day I was feeling very low, and grumpy, and snappy, The hospital rang me to check up on me, and I told them what was happening but the Nurse was very nice and told me to ring the hospital the next day if the pain did not get any better, but I had taken an extra two tablets and by the nightime could tell there was a difference. I am still in that flare up and will be seeing Dermatology on Friday, I am going to request better medicines and I know there are some new ones filtering through, I used to put plastic bags on my feet overnight smothered in cream, yet when I took them off the next day there was no difference. My feet use to rot shoes, Have you had that? You can get a referral to orthotics and they will make you a pair of shoes and take into account your pain, Mine is perfect.


This is what works for me.I use indigo powder mixed with lotion based on multiple studies which show that it works. It works effectively for me.

Here are two studies that show that it works:

This is the powder I used:

This bag is going to last me for many years and it is working for me. There are many indigo powders out there and this one is a darker blue/gray in color. There are other indigo powders out there that are olive green in color, but I don't think these work the same. Many of the available indigo powders are used for dying hair, but I'm not sure if they work for this purpose. Indigo powders can be derived from different plants. I mix it with Olay Quench body lotion because it is easy and simple, but the studies used olive oil, vaseline and bees wax. I like the lotion because it has a scent that tends to effectively mask the scent of the powder. The scent of the powder is not horrible, but it has a scent that I would prefer not to smell like if I don't have to! I tried using Cetaphil lotion which is almost scent free, but I could smell the powder so I switched to the Olay lotion. I am clear of all plaques now.

For my nail psoriasis, I mix the powder in jojoba oil and rub into my cuticles while watching tv. My nails are now clear and normal looking!

One advantage to this lotion is that you can use it in sensitive area such as the face or genitals, two areas that you should avoid applying potent steroids. Another advantage is that it does not thin the skin as topical steroids can, which my dermatologist failed to mention to me. The disadvantage with this lotion is that when made up, it is a very dark blue that looks black in poor lighting so it is very dark. It can discolor clothes and bedding, but my experience is that anything it has discolored, has come clean in the wash so it is not a stain. By comparison I have used topical curcumin and that is a stain that does not come out in the wash.

So I merely add roughly a half teaspoon of powder per ounce of lotion. I just make sure that it is very dark blue in color (almost black). I apply it to any plaques, three times per day until the plaque is gone! Yes it turns my skin blue while using, but I can take this as a temporary inconvenience when I know what my finished results are going to be!


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I'll try it! Thanks:)

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I started to see results within the first two weeks of 3x daily applications.

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I've just tried to order this on Amazon and it says it won't send it to my address. Are you in the UK?

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No, I'm on the other side of the pond. I hadn't thought about the shipping!

I was able to find this on Ebay UK :

It looks similar to what I got and it has the same plant name as the package I got. Everything I found on Amazon UK was the green powder and I don't think that one works for the purpose.

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Thank you for the link. I'm a bit nervous about buying something like this on Ebay. I might nip into our local Chinese herbalist and see if they have it.


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That might be a better way to go!

Here is another one that is supposed to be the same and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, they sell real small packets if you just want to try it out or your local Asian store might carry them or something like it. I don't know if they ship to UK, though. Generally if it is blue, has Qing Dai on the label and says Indogofera tinctoria, it is what I used.

This is the lotion I mixed the powder in:

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