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FINALLY Diagnoised


Hi everyone

Finally after 18 months I got a Positive PSA diagnoises. My burning skin sensation and awful tendonitis that I had in my feet,ankles and knees are not and over use injury as I was told repeatedly for the past 18 months by 2 Rheumys and family doctor. In fact I was having a PSA flare for 18 months that was brought on after having a thyroidectomy and stopping my stelara injection prior to the thyroidectomy and then restarting it 9 months later.

I'm mad at these so called Rheumotologists who lack the knowledge to diagnose psa and has left me practically crippled for 19 months and I'm currently waiting to go on TREMFYA or Cosyntex I think Cosyntex would be a better PSA fit although Tremfya says it helps PSA...I'm not sure anymore.

I got diagnoised by Psoriatic Arthritis Specialist that only deals with Psoriatic arthritis and Psoriasis she was shocked this wasn't caught sooner. I'm not now I have to deal with tears in my tendons around my ankles and tendon issues in my knees.

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I am sorry to hear how much probably unnecessary pain you have had to suffer. I hope things will get better now you are in good hands. I wish you lots of strength.

Hi I am with you on this, I too was left for 6 years while my knee suffered, I have both Osteoarthritis and PSA, My knees burn, my ankles swell, I am so stiff in the mornings I cannot stand up, my feet are affected badly, and yes I agree with you, That, Rheumatology Doctors do not understand what we go through on a daily basis, I have had this for over 20 years, to say I am fed up is an understatement, I do get angry, But, I am sure you are a strong person, and will now get all the pain under control, I will pray for you.

Hi lovely.

Diagnosis is awful. I’ve spent 6 years trying to get a positive diagnosis and have been told it was 3 different types of arthritis and then possibly medically induced lupus. Now they’ve decided because my two toes are “sausage toes I have PSA. I’ve just started a new medication Otezla and it has caused me a few issues but I think that a mix of the side effects and the fact that inconsiderate coworkers who came in with a stomach bug has meant I’ve had to drop the meds. I’m so fed up it’s unbelievable. At 35 I feel like I’m letting my husband and son down as I’m not able to do things and I’m just useless, especially by the time I come home from work where I am pushed past my limits on a regular basis even with a OH assessment in place xxx

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