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Psoriasis and relationships: your experience


Relationships are the most important things in our lives and it’s almost unheard of some for Psoriasis not to affect our nearest and dearest. Relationships are also often the hardest thing to freely discuss about living with Psoriasis, especially when it comes to love (and sex). If you have any words of wisdom or personal advice please share :)

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Thinking back a long, long time to when I was young, free and single ..... would I have avoided a good looking man with a great personality and extensive psoriasis? Categorically NO!

Is it different for women? Possibly. We live in the era of photo-shop or whatever it's called, one that seems destined to undermine every woman's self-image. But I'm fairly convinced it does come down to that in the main ... to self-image rather than to how others see us. I think P can be a blow to body-confidence and overcoming that is tough, but not impossible.

I wouldn't want to underestimate the difficulties. There are still some uninformed people out there who think P is contagious, some who can't see past the plaques. And I know it is not all about looks .... P can lead to depression which can affect relationships and to practical issues with physical relationships too. And I while I know for sure that my husband doesn't think anything of my psoriasis I sometimes feel like a miserable collection of symptoms rather than an equal partner in the marriage. But then I give myself a good talking to!


I cant say i have had any problems MOST girls i have known have like pulling bits of .. Obv i was not botherd told em to fill the boots.

But guess it depends where it is .. Av been lucky was just on legs till resent.


I remember when I first got married I had an outbreak of Ps on my hands and would not cook a meal for friends. My husband said that was daft as he ate meals prepared by me!

The only time I can say that Ps hurt me was when my husband told me what our daughter said to him, she was only four at the time. It was 'daddy I love my mummy but not her skin', I've never forgotten it nor the hurt it bought, but was extremely glad that my husband told me. As we sat her down and fully explained what was going on.

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I can so imagine a little girl saying that. And also how it must have hurt you at the time. But how well you dealt with it!

I can't keep up with my grown-up kids like I used to. That's only to be expected as you get older, it's just it's happened rather sooner than anticipated. I used to visit my son in London & give him a run for his money swanning around doing the cafes, the pubs, the bookshops, swimming in the wonderful outdoor pool near where he lives etc. Visits can't be quite so full-on anymore. Some good has come of it I suppose, time was I could beat him at squash which probably wasn't good for his ego!

I think you just need to find the right person. My husband helped me get over most of my Ps issues. I'm not there yet but I hope to be proudly Psoriasis one day and walk with my red patches proudly

well i can say for a fact i have some friends but nothing close,i don't have a girlfriend cause of my skin,,i don't have a life,i'm tired of getting stared at and have them wonder if they can catch it.:(

so yes my skin has destroyed my life,,,my moral scks also theses days...

I have a very bad type of Psoriasis but I was so bless with a good husband who was so supportive. It did not affect our sexual relationship no matter how severe it was. I think if someone love a person they will accept whatever illness or shortcoming they have that's what I found in my partner in life. Hope this could help.

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