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Psoriasis on your face

Anyone else struggling with psoriasis on their face. I've had a flare up of guttate psoriasis and am undergoing phototherapy but my face looks terrible lots a small patches. I also have adult acne so have to be really careful what I use to moisturise. The UV is drying out my skin but I've had a breakout of acne on my chin :-/

Any advice?

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I had psoriasis spread to my face and I used sudocreme on it a few times a day and just massaged it in to the areas affected. Unfortunately this didnt work on the rest of my body at all but it certainly helped my face a LOT.


Thanks I'm feeling really self conscious about it especially since I got burnt on my face at my last UV treatment. My face looks terrible :-/


I have terrible psoriasis outbreaks on my face. Elidel works well on the face. I'm not sure if you can use it concurrent with UV treatments however. My dermatologist told my that my acne is not actually acne, it's all part of the psoriasis.


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