PsA query- bloods- symptoms-referrals- frustrated x

Hello there,

I have been suffering from symptoms of potential PsA for some years but only recently have put everything together for the seemingly eureka moment, long story.. I have psoriatic nails inc toe, my toes are deformed since I was a pre teen,(possibly,and previously suspected shoes that are too smal) stiff, sore elbows, worse with inaction or after sleep, stiff thumb, reoccurring splondylosis (where neck and shoulder sieze up/limited movement servere pain) many sore joints over all, fatigue(needing to nap) low mood, and consistent back pain.. I can feel distinctly that something is up at the min as if I'm having a flare up.. long story trying to keep it simple..

meanwhile I spoke with the dr today who had referred me to Derm and she had totally changed her tune after receiving my blood tests results... to my knowledge she is wrong and rf (rheumatoid factor) and ANA have little to no leverage on it not being PsA as far as I'm aware they test for RF to rule out RA as possible diagnosis as they can present similarly.. anyway I would like to continue but I'd like to know if anyone has any experience of this? I'm thinking of getting a second opinion as her (as I see it) Misinformation is standing between me getting referred to a rheumatologist faster rather than a potential 4-6 month waiting process further impacting on my joints and suffering....

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  • Same thing happened to me with my Rheumatologist. It has been 4 years now and he is changing his tune and telling me that even though my blood work has leaned the other way he agrees that I do have PSA. Mine seems to be either or. Either I am flaring with the psoriasis or that clears up after a year and then my joints start screaming! I guess that I am blessed because they could both be flaring at the same time! :(

  • So I guess you have no definitive answer for diagnosis or treatment?? Have you had scans or X-rays?

  • I have same problems, I cannot take DMARD or BIOLOGIC medications and have been discharged.

    My Blood do not always show the expected results although they accept my condition is PsA.

    I was told I was going into remission a while ago and that was that. Since then I have had operations on my hand by another Clinic that I have been accepted on. I have been told if I have problems just phone and they will operate.

    It is a funny old condition.


  • Hiya. I'm a little late to this, are you still around?

    Are you saying that your doctor is dismissing the possibility of PsA because you do not have RF factor or raised ANA? If so, I can see why you're frustrated! Also, were the inflammatory markers ESR or CRP mentioned? They may show up in blood tests with PsA, though sometimes not.

    Of course we're not doctors but I have to say your symptoms sound decidedly PsA-ish. I spend way too much time on PsA forums LOL and a recurrent theme is the need to get a second opinion. I don't understand doctors' ignorance about PsA ..... some, including GPs I've talked to, are so clued up. Others, even some experienced rheumatologists, just fail to spot it. But my impression is that awareness of the disease HAS improved even in the 4 years since I was diagnosed and that therefore a second opinion is a good bet, your chances of finding a PsA-aware doctor are better now than they ever were.

    Once we get over the shock of meeting highly-qualified people who can't tell the difference between a patient with PsA and a lamp post, then the way is clear really, keep on pushing for a diagnosis that makes sense to you.

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