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Update on first stage of treatments

Hello peeps, been on Hydroxychloroquine 6 weeks now, no side effects to speak of so far. Started Amitriptyline for my nerve pain problems on Friday , 10 mg at first and I've upped it to 20 mg last night. Can go up to 30 mg before I need to contact the GP again. Can't say I've noticed any improvement to my back pain ( got scoliosis and spinal canal stenosis) but it's early days I suppose. Sleeping a little better but still feeling tired during the day around 4 pm ish and need to rest after any activity of course . Been yo see foot/ ankle consultant who has agreed nothing more to be done unless I want to go surgery route , which I don't , but since getting my PsA diagnosis I know what's causing the foot/ leg tendon pain . And as we all know no amount of surgery will change PsA pain .

Going for the ultrasound on the kidney on 08/06 so watch this space for update on that . 😀😀

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So glad it' s working out well,when we read about side effects it makes us expect the worst! I hope you get on with the Amytrip as well,I find more than 10mg knocks me for six the next day,but we are all so different

Hope it keep on going well for you,take care,Jo x

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