I have had plaque psoriasis since I was 2/3, just on elbows and behind ears initially but now head to toe. Fun! Annoying but I will survive. Light therapy worked best but I live nearly an hour from the hospital, every other day got ridiculous so I had to stop but useful while pregnant. On humira but this stopped working so going onto stelara next week. We will see how that goes. I need to live in a sunnier climate :-)

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  • Hi I am a fellow sufferer for the past 35 years on my hands. I am on Stelara 90 g every 4 weeks. It does keep the psoriasis under some sort of control. The winter months are worse.

  • Yep me too, too many layers of clothes!

  • Hi In Scotland they offer a loan service. It costs but when I worked out what my petrol costs were for 3 times a week for 10 weeks it was cheaper . You attend the clinic for assessment and are taught how to use the machine and then it is delivered to your house, if you have room to site it. It would be worth it. Saves oodles of time too. So ask if it's available in your area?

  • Thanks tallgal that sounds brilliant!

  • I love the UV light. Works extremely well for me although i have guttate psoariasis. The travel to and from the clinic was quite a pain but i was happy to do so becausr the creams were annoying to administer on all my spots and impossible on my back unless i was able to get some help.  I think also the uv light lifted my spirits which is helpful when i have severe outbreaks of the psoariasis.  I am a strong believer in the UV light treatments!

  • does the uv treatment have to be at a hospital or clinic?  is there a home uv system available?

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