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moral affected now


for the past 10 years i have had it on my legs and elbows,so i stopped wearing shorts and short sleeves,

i am a male,last few years (3) i'm single cause it has gotten bad enough that i can't get close to a girl due to the pain it causes me,and the fact that it doesn't look nice,, not very interested in seeing the girls reaction either,,,so i don't get close to anyone,but now it is on my hands bad enough that had a clerk at the store ask me to go to another cash,,,,so now i wear gloves,,i don't mingle don't go out ,,but just this morning after a shaved i noticed my chin it covered in this crap,

my moral was already low and now it doesn't exist had a great job but working in the public not recommended,how can you keep the moral up when you start to look like the walking dead :(

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Your post makes me sad. True love is out there. Don't wast your time on girls that are superficial. True love sees beyond blemishes. Be yourself and don't let your condition define you. Wear shorts and tee shirts, be comfortabe. Don't allow your skin condition to define you.

Take care


miclem in reply to Hidden


I've had psoriasis since I was seven and it caused a lot of problems as a child as I was bullied by other kids but now I just ignore the people that stare at me, I used to never wear short sleeves but now I don't care, my work are really great with me about it and also I was single for a while until recently I found an amazing girl and she understands my problem but doesn't care, I have let my self esteem drop because of the way it's made me feel and also how I've looked but there is a lot worse people out there and one thing I've always said is at least I can hide my problems. You will find someone that understands your condition and will love you for who you are. Keep the head high and smile through it all.

I dont have any advise, just know there are people out there that feel for you. I wish you well man.

thank you all,,your words are kind and they do help,,i just need to push myself out of my place,,

but this is harder to do then many might think,,,

but i thank you for your words,just knowing i'm not alone feeling like this is in away an upper for me.:)

glad i found this site.

well guess i'm a chatter box on here,but helps to let go sometimes..

another thing i find hard is the constante bleeding,,,,can't say how many socks or blankets i have ruined since this started but i know i'm keeping someone in work,,,

i'm a mecanic and all i have to do is scrape my hand abit and there comes the blood,,,many times i don't even notice cause i didnt feel the scrape,,


Well I'm nearly 60 and happily married but I've been noticing men my entire life. I suppose that's completely normal! And I'm here to tell you that attractiveness is more than skin deep. Beneath the apparent pickiness we women are hard-wired to see beyond the surface. And one very attractive quality in a man is when he has a few things to battle with, but does do his best not to let them get him down. And like you say, that's not easy .... but who said life would be easy?

You will get rejection, that's going to happen with or without psoriasis. I'm not trying to diminish what you're dealing with, it's real. But I think it is highly unlikely to stop you finding a girlfriend unless you let it.

Meanwhile, where's your dermatologist in all this? Last year my psoriasis got so bad that I started going bald. As it happens my rheumatologist, who isn't exactly a softie, thought that this was a personal disaster for me and tried his very best to help. But when I phoned the dermatology department to say I wasn't coping and ask for an appointment I met with quite a dismissive response. I just sort of persevered .... and the next derm I saw was very different, she took the baldness and my all-over psoriasis much more seriously and from there on things got a whole lot easier.

A young man struggling with psoriasis needs the very best help to get the P under control. And if that's not happening you'll have to make it happen. When the doctors are doing their best that frees us up to do battle with this frustrating condition as well.

well today had appointement with dematalogiste again,,new cream again :(

anyone know theses and before i put 220$ in 1 tube would love to know if it works.:(?

dovonex......dovobet gel.......topicort,fucidin,,......any info would be very welcomed.:)

Bee1970 in reply to miclem

Well it can work but you really have t to apply several times a day... It's very greasy and goopy feeling and I also found I was very, very itchy so I don't use it but that doesn't mean it can't work for you. I does work just unpleasant ... Maybe apply at night with a dressing as to not stain your sheets and clothes that may help. I was prescribed 2 to use together one is betamethsone and iv can't remember the name of the other but the 2 worked really well together and more of a cream, not great at all.

I'm really sorry to hear how this is affecting you. I too cover up for special events and nights out etc. But during the summer I try not to cover up anymore it can be embarrassing but I just don't care anymore and the exposure to the sun etc. It's great for psoriasis. I noticed one summer day I was using pure coconut oil and with the combination of the sun and the oil my psoriasis cleared right up it didn't last long but a week of smoothness is golden to ones self esteem, even the scaling in places you need not know about was gone. I also was on a biologic last year and I was totally cleared up unfortunately I had to stop the injections do to a reaction at the injection sites but loved Humira and now I am starting Otezla for my PA. I think if less people covered up the more people will understand, it honestly feels great when someone asks me if I have psoriasis because not many know how it affects ones life and self esteem. I wear my sundresses and bikinis proud when I'm out to hell with people really!!

found a new cream and it is doing wonders believe me it doesnt cost 200$ a comes from a pet store is called bag palm,,,,been using it 2 times a day and no kidding my skin has cleared up almost 10% no itching or bleeding now,still red but doing so much better then what a doctor prescribed me....wish to know if anyone else has tried this gel....

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