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Getting prescriptions from GPs

Due to a house move I changed gps recently and was very impressed until this last week. I took my last dose of mtx on the friday and sent a request to replenish on the monday, with my hydroxy and folic acid etc. My day off was wednesday so i needed to collect it then so i had it for friday night. On wednesday i collected script but only realised at the pharmacy there was no mtx on it. I called the surgery and was told i could order it at end of week! I pointed out i was in work and needed it as i had no doses left. No solution offered just that she would put it back in the box to request.

I had to change my shift at work to collect it today, putting my colleague out too, as she had to rearrange childminding. When i called this morning she said i had to come late afternoon, i was really annoyed as i started work at 11, she then agreed to have it ready for 10am.

When i went in i asked how i could avoid this and she said i couldnt, the gps wont do it until a day or two before its due as people take too many!! Its not bleeding methadone! And if that were the case, they wouldnt give 4 weeks at a time.

I cant ask for every fourth friday as my day off, i need time off for hospital, bloods, physio etc as it is! My last practice were awful but more flexible.

Anyone else had problems like this?

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Call practice manager and explain situation x


hi Mirren long time know hear, glad you finally got moved but what a pain in the neck about your prescription, when i move to where i am now 2010 when i changed doctors i thought that it would be a nightmare getting all that i needed, but to my shock of surprise i can order my prescriptions online, instead of having to drop in a prescription, i'm not sure whether you can do this, and i get my prescription send to my local tesco pharmacy and all i have to do is try to remember to pick the up. see if you have this available in your practice. i hope your well its great to see you post on here take care my friend..........Alan xx

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Hi alan, the problem is the Dr wont issue it in time and unfortunately i work 8-7 so even if it is at a pharmacy i cant get there except on my day off. I will see what practice manager says. Hope you are keeping well. X


hi Mirren hope it works out for you, there are unusual working hours, but i hope you can arranged something for your medication, i'm not to bad got problems with RLS now, that why i'm up now my legs won't got to sleep they are jumping up and down in pain, so i've just had to take some more pain killers to see if that works. take care its nice to chat with you.........Alan xx


Are you saying that you have to pick up your Mtx on a weekly basis? That sounds barking mad to me! I used to get a couple of month's worth at a time but recently just enough for one month, which is bad enough for a disorganised so & so like myself. Like you, I'm not exactly tempted to OD on Methotrexate, it is indeed not Methadone, nor is it a full-bodied bottle of red!

Like Allanah I think it might be worth contacting the practice manager and asking for a more practical arrangement. There's nothing to stop them bending the rules to make your life that little bit easier.


Hi postle 😊 no, they let you have 4 weeks, but not aĺlowed to order until its due, which is completely impractical for people who still work. I was quite panicked and nearly in tears, which was interesting as it showed me how afraid i am of the disease. I am hoping it was just a defensive and pedantic doctor and i wont have this problem next time, i will be more explicit in my fax stating when my dose is due and my day off etc They also are refusing to give me meloxicam - i think it still is doing something as my neck and wrists are more painful and clicky since i ran out. ( they are adamant i cant have nsaid with mtx despite letters from my rheum)

Hope you are well Postle?

My disability discrimination case is going ahead, the trust should be getting first letter probably tomorrow. Will keep you posted, thanks for your support x


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