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Hi all, 50 something and have had psoriasis since my thirties.

Had a particularly bad two months so in desperation went to the GP. Have been prescribed internal steroids, a stomach blocker to stop the steroids ripping my stomach apart and an anaerobic antibiotic for "the inflammation". Oh and Coal Tar, Sulphur and something horrid cream.

All very vague when asked what will it do. Stop the inflammation he replied. anyone else been here? Will do this for a week/fortnight although what I really need is to go to the Med or Lanzagrotty for a fortnight in the sun with some salt water to bathe in....


Steroid : prednisolone 40mg daily for a week

Blocker : lansoprazole 15mg daily for a week

Antibiotic : Doxycycline 100mg daily for a fortnight

Cream : Cocois ; Coconut oil with 12% Coal Tar, 2% Salicylic Acid & 4& Sulphur

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Hi dannykillbride hope u r feeling better now and that treatment worked.sometimes I think is better not to read to much about other people experiences with same treatment because everyone is different,what works for u doesent work for others and vice versa.i wish u find what works for u


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