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I was wondering if someone could list some more of the symptoms. My dermatologist didn't tell me much because at the appt was also diagnosed with skin cancer. I have had a sore neck and joints for years but only in last year have had the psororiasis on my elbows and a rash on face sometimes. Just want to find out if all related. Not the cancer though that's a different issue. I am turning 50 on NEW YEARS and am gaining weight because I am in so much pain. Any tips I am feeling so overwhelmed. Also suffer from migraines.

Thx for any feedback.

Vivian from Canada

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Hi Vivian.

Have you been diagnosed with psoriasis? Or psoriasis plus psoriatic arthritis? If you are wondering about the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis then I'd say that joint pain and / or swelling are key symptoms but then so are tendon pain (e.g. the Achilles tendon), fatigue and nail changes. Not everyone with PsA gets psoriasis first but over 80% of people diagnosed with PsA will show some changes to finger / toenails.

Unlike some other forms of inflammatory arthritis, many people with PsA won't show any signs via blood tests. Some of us do show raised inflammation levels (the relevant blood tests are for 'ESR' and 'CRP') but many don't.

This must be a rotten time for you. I recently had a biopsy for skin cancer which was negative. Everyone kept telling me that even if it was cancer it was very unlikely to be serious. I kind of knew that already but resented the constant refrain of "don't worry!" It is worrying if it's you that has it!

You've just got so much going on all at once. I'm trying not to do the Don't Worry thing .... but bit by bit I am sure you'll get to a much better place, it's a case of one step at a time. Get as much support as possible and if you have questions keep asking them until you have the knowledge you need. Incidentally, there is a really fabulous hospital that specialises in PsA in Toronto. Seems like a lot of the research on PsA emanates from there.

If you have PsA it is important to keep moving. Counter-intuitively, fatigue lessens with exercise. Joints need movement to retain as much suppleness as possible plus inflammatory joint pain eases up with exercise and gets worse with inactivity. There's no need for a marathon, but gentle, regular exercise pays off.

Tell us more if you like because I know there are plenty of others here who have been where you are.


Thx so much after New Years I will get more active on here. I appreciate the support already and am already trying to at least walk a bit more the last few days.


It's awesome that you're walking more. I wish someone had told me that the pain etc. is worth it when I was really bad. I was used to hill-walking and playing squash and so on & so forth ..... so I thought "what possible use is hobbling up the road every day?" But even a little movement like that is so much better for joints (and morale) than staying still.


I second everything Postie has said to you, rest a little do a little is my motto o get through the day. It helps both with pain and fatigue. If your feet are effected get some shoes and slippers that have well cushioned soles as this helps tremendously for your bad days and keeps you going.

We've all gained weight due to this disease, but I'm gradually now loosing it bit by bit. I don't diet I try to eat properly, no titbits in between meals, and making sure my plate has more veg or salad than meat and potatoes. I go for a pound at a time and then say I'm staying at that figure for two weeks. This way helps me to loose the weight ok it's taking longer but it suits me. Otherwise as soon as I think diets I'm starving and thinking food the whole time. You will find your way.

Good luck on the skin cancer front, and look forward to hearing more from you. xx


Thank you so much for the encouragement. And you are right as soon as I think about restricting food it's all I focus on. Thx again for the reply


I have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis I was diagnosed in June this year. And osteoarthritis 2011. I have psoriasis on my elbows I have always thought it was just dry skin but know I have it on my scalp. My hands are very sore and they stick a lot when doing things and I get a lot of cramp in my legs and hands sometimes I can't walk with the cramp in my legs is this usual with PsA


Oh Amanda .... I reckon I've had about 3 cramp-free months in the last 5 years. If only I could work out what led to that! In short, yes, I certainly do think that cramp is connected to PsA. Rheumatologists I've asked have responded vaguely, probably because to their minds it is not a big deal, along the lines of "patients with inflammatory arthritis do seem to get a lot of cramp".

However, the screaming-the-house-down type of cramp is a thing of the past for me & cramp is more of an annoyance these days (or more often these nights). And I'm pretty sure that is due to getting the disease under control. The better controlled it is, the better most symptoms are. What treatment are you on?


I am on sulfasalazine for the PsA and cocodamol for the pain I go back to the rheumy consultant in January thank you for replying postle


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