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Newly diagnosed any advice help gratefully received


GP not much help only diagnosed last week but feel I have had condition for 6 months or more so any advice please pass it my way many thanks xxx

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Hi, this forum isn't very active I'm sure someone will be able to give some sound advice. I feel like everyone's experience of psoriasis is particular to them and lot of time it's trial and error. What has you dr diagnosed you with is it psoriasis plaques or psoriatic arthritis? How bad is your flare up at moment?

me2you in reply to DoubleM

Thanks for reply. Doctor only said psoriasis he prescribed dovonex ointment and betamethasone valerate. Really bad on elbows and arms so sore since seeing doctor it has spread to face scalp and the bottom of my feet so unsightly and painful 😖 have got another appointment tomorrow with doctor so any ideas I could suggest would be very helpful thanks again

mama27 in reply to me2you


I also suffer with psoriasis.

Over the years I've used so many different lotions & potions.

I've only recently seen a dermatologist & am due back 27th this month. She has been so helpful & given me lots of advice of how best to treat. There is no cure but with a strict skin regime it can be manageable.

I have always been so self conscious about my skin as I have it everywhere.

Ask your GP to refer you to a dermatologist.

They are specialists in psoriasis & will be able to tell you which type you have & how best to treat it. There is also lots of information on line once you are diagnosed properly.

Good luck!

me2you in reply to mama27

Thanks for reply Mama27 I am going to ask to be referred to a dermatologist Hope all goes well with you

mama27 in reply to me2you

You are very welcome. Keep us posted on your progress. Good luck with dermo referral :-)

Hi me2you, as DoubleM suggested it is worth trying to get a more specific diagnosis on what kind of p you have. Try looking on the web for some info, but the Psoriasis Association UK website may help

Diet, hydration, vitamins, ointments, certain creams, etc can all help, but p is very individual and what works for one, may not work for another. Depending on your type of p and the extent of it, can depend on what treatment path the Drs will use and you have to try topical treatments first (oils, creams, greases, etc) through your GP, then after referral to a Dermatologist who can prescribe systemic drug therapy (Methotrexate, Ciclosporin and Acitretin) or UV therapy, but this will depend on the type and extent of your p.

Always ask what side effects can present if given a prescription, always worth knowing. I was given steroid creams from my GP and derm, when I stopped using them the p came back in bigger patches and thicker scales, but that was my reaction and I did taper the use and not just stop using it.

I know there is lots of information out there and p can be very frustrating, emabrrassing and annoying, but do some research, ask your GP questions and push for a referral to a Derm if it is affecting you or your life. Good luck.

me2you in reply to vascy_errol

Thankful for your reply very helpful I think I'll research before my appointment tomorrow

@Metoyou, I agree with another poster suggesting a dermatologist can tell you the type of Ps you have. Different types require different meds. My GP doesn't even talk about it other than asking what meds the dermatologist has me on. The medical world is so specialized - overly so in my opinion.

me2you in reply to Seahorse02

Thanks for your reply I am going to ask to be referred to a dermatologist x

Echo-ing what the others said! I had it start on my scalp then spread to my face and whole body.

GP was completely useless and left me feeling alone and terrified until I found this messaging board and a community on twitter and Instagram (no idea what people with Psoriasis done before the internet!)

Steroid creams didn't work for me and neither did a change of diet. I tried Chinese medicine and acupuncture with no results, all the while it was getting worse.

The only thing that helped me personally was the sun. I sat outside whenever it was sunny but a 3 day trip to Greece really gave it a kick. I pushed really hard to see a specialist (NHS is so slow you have then be really firm with them to get anywhere unless you want to pay £200 for a private consultation) and I have finally got an appointment for light therapy.

Echo-ing again, and frustratingly, everyone is different so light therapy may not work for others. Cutting gluten/dairy/alcohol just made me miserable but it may work for others. Keep us updated on your progress and I hope something helps real soon 🙌🏼🙏🏼

me2you in reply to hbn25

Thanks for your reply hbn25 what creams do you put on your face? I'm seeing a different doctor tomorrow for something to use on my face so any ideas would be good 😊 thanks again

hbn25 in reply to me2you

I've tried a mixture recently and something is working. I've been using Aproderm on my body and also Childs Farm moisturiser on my body and face. For the flaky areas of my face, I have been using Epionce Enriched Firming Mask as a thin layer on my face and I don't wash it off, just leave it on all day for super hydration.

I use coconut oil or child's farm baby oil on my scalp as anything else is too strong and makes my hair fall out 😒

I hope this helps for your journey!

me2you in reply to hbn25

Thank you 😊

Buy an aloe vera plant. Cut a leaf off and slit it. Wipe the juice ftom inside over the affected area.

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