Not so happy with myself

Hello all. I'm Pam I'm 50yrsold and I just joined. It's good to know that there are odthers out there that have the same kind of issues. But lately I have been feeling really down because I'm going through menopause and my bodly I'd changing and my weight keeps going up and up. And it's gotten me so depressing I tried everything to lose weight and can't manage. I hate the way I feel and look I feel as if everyone is starring at me. Any advice In how to get through this and feel better about myself?

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  • Pam2245

    Please see your gynae. Hormone replacement therapy - hrt may be the solution.

    As the age advances the fat in our body becomes difficult to get rid of. But take less carb and less calorie. During this period of life one tends to eat more and carbs more. Take care of this.

    Gud luk

  • Hello Pam2245

    I'm terribly sorry you are feeling so down... r u married? Any kids? Grandkids? The reason I ask is I feel ur pain. I too dnt feel good or like what I see, and my weight well let's just say, I can't wear most of my BEAUTIFUL clothes in my closet anymore. But my fAmily is my focus, I want to live for them I want to strive to be happy for them because I don't want them to remember me miserable... I know I need this for me too but thinking about it for me, just makes me more stressed and fatigued. So if i have a reason it pushes me to try harder. Try multivitamins and the Turmeric during the day, along with 5htp and L theanine at night for a mood ELAVATOR the next morning it helps. Many blessings to u and urs!

    Regards, Kendra