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New here

I'm really frustrated with my body size. A few years ago I lost 40 pounds by going carb free, but afterwards I was gluten intolerant for 2 years. I gained back more than those 40 pounds and once I hit a size 20 I decided it was time to do something about it. I counted calories and had a lot of success, I'm all the way down to a size 14! But now I'm struggling with the will power to count calories again and I've been binging on all my weaknesses. I don't want to lose ground again, but my willpower isn't there for me. I need to find some life hacks that make it so I just eat healthy narurally

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I guess you are looking for the same thing as me. A way to eat a 'normal ' diet yet remain in control of your weight, even losing a few more pounds.

I am currently tweaking my diet, going back to counting calories but changing some of the foods I eat within the calorie count

If you find a magic answer please share it with me.

Good luck 😉

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