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Mental journey vs Physical one

I see so many posts about men and women who are restricting the way they live their lifes because of weight and body image issues. For me my mental journey started well over a year ago. I felt worthless. Little things that other people take for granted I felt I wasn't good enough for. I now have a handle on those things by learning to love and respect myself even if I want to change my weight. Things like wearing nice clothes and spending time over my hair and makeup I would have never done without feeling like I didn't deserve it. Hope you are all learning to accept your bodies as the marvelous things they are x x x

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This body of mine is reaching its use by date, I am afraid. Having said that, I did appreciate the positivity of your message. I remember studying anatomy and physiology in my nurse training. Yes, indeed the body is a wondrous "invention". Full of miraculoua cordinated systems. X


HI Crimson85j, I agree 100%! when I decided I liked myself as myself, I then decided to become healthy and quit eating so much sugar. if I lose weight, great if not ok. as long as I feel better and become more healthy, I don't care if I do lose weight. I have lost 16 pounds and feel terrific! I really like your post about feeling good about yourself. I am 49 and spent 48 and a half years feeling bad about myself. not any more!


That’s an interesting thought. I have never obsessed over my image and rarely take time to even look in the mirror at my hair, or anything. Only to see how round I am becoming! I wonder how that might change if I focus on spending time making an effort ... how has it worked for you?